All eyes on her

Everything in my life revolves around her


2. 2.

I met her at a party I forced to go to.  I was all baggy clothes and bad haircuts at that time, and it wasn't nearly warm enough for the bonfire this party provided. It was still damp from the last rain and the sky was covered in storm clouds and cigarette smoke.

Every time I was offered a drink I regretted going even more. I was supposed to be at a sleepover, sitting with girls and talking about boys. Instead, I was sitting alone watching the boys talk to girls. I had been abandoned after a few rounds had gone through the crowd, and so I sat in the downwind of the fire, watching through the flame and smoke what was going on around me. 

She sat next to me on the cold grass, a drink in one hand and a shoe in the other. Her hair fell over her eyes and her beauty blew me away. She asked me my name, and when her voice rushed over me I forgot how to speak. 

Her voice was rough from the long night of singing and smoking, and I found myself entranced by the way her lips formed the lovely words that fogged my mind. 

I was sleep deprived and drunk on her. Just sitting and talking to her made the night go by, and before I knew it, the sun was coming up and she left me.



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