Rules of engagement

There this girl who is going on the cruise with her family, but she doesn't know what she is in for


2. The secret

OK Amelia where here what do you want to talk about.

It was 8 hours ago and I finished backing the suit cases early so I decided to bring my boyfriend dinner, but when I came to his house I knocked on the door no answer so I decided to go inside and when I turned on the lights I saw something that I will never forget.

What did you see sis. I saw my boyfriend Jason having sex with another girl I was so torn to pieces.

The unknown girl said 'oh' you must be Amelia this must be upsetting for you. That is one of those feelings I am feeling at the moment.

Jason said what are you doing here Amelia. I said I came to bring you dinner my mistake I threw the dinner at them both and left without saying a word, but you can here me cry as I was headed to the door and that was that.

I am so sorry sis I can't believe that son of a bitch would cheat on you like that. When Amelia and Maddie were outside of Amelia's room they decided to tell the others when they get here.

Amelia went inside of her room and was surprised to see someone. 'Jason'. Amelia your here. What are you doing in my room said Amelia.

''This is my room too you know'' look I can see you are angry just let me explain myself. There's nothing to explain Jason you cheated on me. I got you chocolate. You think chocolate would fix this, but it's your favourite.

Get out of my room Jason. This is my room too. Than I am leaving. Amelia went outside of the room and slammed the door behind her.

Amelia wait said Jason as he opened the door again, but Amelia didn't want to talk about it anymore. She left to go see her sister Maddie again.

When she was on deck again she caught her breathe and finally calmed back down again. That's when a guy came towards her.

The unknown guy said you look upset. That is one of those feelings I am feeling at the moment. He then said well a sexy girl like you should not be upset. The unknown guy said my name is Dean.

I'm Amelia. It's a pleasure to meet you Amelia. Can I get you a drink of your choice.

That will be lovely thankyou. My pleasure. 10 seconds later Dean gave the drink to Amelia. Hope you like the drink.

It's refreshing thankyou a lot I needed that. I better get back to work otherwise the other customers will think I am playing favourites Dean said. I understand thankyou for the drink again.

That's when Maddie came and said who is that sexy guy. His name is Dean. Well he was definitely flirting with you Amelia.

What do you think of Dean Amelia. To be honest he is just a friend nothing more. Always the sensitive one

No that will be Katelyn. Did someone say my name. There was Katelyn right in front of Maddie's and yours face.

That's when both of you started to hug your sister. When a lady and a girl came by you stopped hugging because you were surprised.

Aunty Melody and Lola what are you doing on this ship. We are also family too. Yeah grandma wanted us family to be here you wouldn't want grandma to be upset do you. No we all said at once. Well that ruined our mood said Maddie.




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