Rules of engagement

There this girl who is going on the cruise with her family, but she doesn't know what she is in for


1. The cruise

Amelia is outside of the cruise ship. OMG she said I can't believe this is happening to me. 

Then a guy came and said to Amelia do you have any business here miss.

Amelia said yes my grandma decided for me and my family to go on her cruise.

The guy said 'oh' you must be Amelia Pond I am your grandma's lawyer the cruise is about to leave hop on board. 

When Amelia got on board the cruise ship she was so amazed.

This ship is so beautiful I have never seen a ship so beautiful in my life and I am going to be on this cruise ship for a few months.

That's when Amelia saw one of her siblings she went over to her she was glad to see Amelia. She said  ''do you like the cruise ship so far'' Amelia hesitated for a moment and than said the ship is amazing.

That's when the lawyer guy came to see Amelia and her sister Maddie he said that your grandma has written a letter. Amelia said to wait till the others arrive, but Maddie has ripped the letter open already and started to read it.

OMG said Maddie. Amelia you have to read this.

So Amelia read the letter and she was surprised as Maddie was. We inherit 5 million dollars for us to share, that's when Maddie said ohmygod that's means 1 million dollars each were rich.

The lawyer said that is correct that is 1 million each, but there is a catch you have to work to earn your inherence turn over the page of the letter to find out what you have to do.

So they turned over the page that's when Maddie said 'ohmygod' grandma wants me to work on this cruise ship will there my holiday ruined. Maddie said what about you Amelia. What does grandma want you to do on this cruise ship.

Amelia read her letter while Maddie was reading it too. Maddie said 'ohmygod' your task is easy. Amelia said maybe not. Can I talk to you sis.     



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