Abel de Larue - French Sorcerer

A poem about a sorcerer in the Middle Ages.


1. 001

Under influence of a Demon,
French Sorcerer, black dog.
Being known as The Smasher,
Not unlike the Desh...

Placed in a Franciscan monastery,
By his mother in her commandery.
He became enraged, abusing him,
By beating him, he plotted revenge.

He said a black spaniel appeared to him,
Promising to help him, going to his aid
Surrendering himself as in a raid.

Arrested on charges of Sorcery,
Spell casting, hatred and grief.
The Demon never rescued him,
For such forces of the law he can't win.

He was found guilty and hanged,
But his spirit was encouraged.
Now he hates even more,
Horror, destruction and gore.

[He was executed on July 20, 1582].

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