The Love Game

Three words. One sentence. Very bad affect.
Tori is 13. She has friends, a good reputation, trust of her parents. She is happy. Never felt like she missed out on anything. Until...
Vlad is 7 years older. He is a player and a bad boy who does drugs and smokes.
What happens when to opposites attract? Can Tori hold onto everything she had while sneaking out with him?


1. Three words. One sentence.

 "I love you" 

One sentence ruined everything. You think I'm exaggerating. I wish but no its just like I said. Because of those three words I lost my best friend, my phone, my parents trust and ruined my reputation. 

Going too fast? Let me start from the beginning

A few months ago my parents told me we are moving. Again. In my 13 years I've lived, I moved 8 schools. So its one school each year. I never could make real friends. That really sucked. 

I used to go to a Russian school on Saturdays and had friends there. So to say goodbye I am going there tomorrow. plus I need to apologize to Arti. He is the music teacher but I never thought of him as one. He is only 19 and he is more of a friend/crush. We have a long sad history with him. It goes as far as suicide attempts. But he never liked me back. Arti thought of me as a stupid girl who is looking for attention. Unfortunately that's kinda true.

The only two people who knew about my crush was Sophie, Arti himself and my best friend Vlad. Don't forget him cause he plays a really big role in this story. Vlad is 20. He is really slutty and has a reputation of a player. But he is an awesome friend. He also worked at the Russian school until he got fired last year. So I never thought he was going to be there on Saturday. Now I'm not even sure if it's a good thing or not. At that time I was happy. I thought of him as only a friend though sometimes I fantasized about us dating. I didn't pay those fantasizes much attention though cause I never thought it was possible even though I knew he dated young girls. But fuck, I never thought that young. 

My parents never approved me being friends with older people. Especially boys. Now I understand them but can't say i regret it much. 

So it is Saturday. I come in with my mom to the school. The first two people I see are Daniel and Arti. I don't say anything though. They were unpacking some stuff for the day from a car. I know Arti is mad at me cause I called him a dickhead after we had another fight. But he's not better he called me a bitch.

First period is with Arti as our teacher. I honestly don't want to see him. When everyone's there we sit in a circle on chairs. He is in front of me. We exchange looks and immediately turn away. I want him to say sorry even though its obviously my fault cause I started the fight. I stare at him again. He smiles. I smile at him even though I don't want to. I'm pretty sure his smile could get any girl in bed with him. I wish I could be one of those girls. 

After a fewhours I get him alone. 

"I'm sorry bout yesterday."

"I've been waiting for that all day!"


"Yeah. I'm sorry too."

"I can't believe you called me a bitch and everything else you said.."

"You pissed me of. But you should know people online act differently."


"It's ok"

One thing done. I apologized. Now I just wanna be alone so I take my art diary and start fixing up some of myold sketches. And then Vlad comes into the classroom. 

"Hey guys." he says.

I smile at him. He is the only person who doesn't treat me like a little kid. I really like that about him. 


It's time for class but technically I don't go there anymore so I don't have to go to class. 

Because I skipped a few classes everything changed. Though I didn't realize it back then. 





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