The Love Game

Three words. One sentence. Very bad affect.
Tori is 13. She has friends, a good reputation, trust of her parents. She is happy. Never felt like she missed out on anything. Until...
Vlad is 7 years older. He is a player and a bad boy who does drugs and smokes.
What happens when to opposites attract? Can Tori hold onto everything she had while sneaking out with him?


2. The Bench

I am wearing a red shirt. Its one of those that have the shoulders cut out. It is really cold and I know I should've listened to my mom but you don't actually expect a teen girl to always obey her parents right? 

"I'm really cold." I tell Vlad.

"Duh! Who would wear that on such a cold day!"

"Well, thank you, Mr. Obvious!"

"Sorry. I would give you my shirt but I don't wanna shock the kids by letting them see a half naked teacher you know." I laugh. 

He is on his phone texting his ex and looking through his Facebook. Suddenly he takes a selfie of us and sends it to her. Fuck! I cant believe it! She is a jealous bitch. I bet she wouldn't mind buying a plane ticket and flying all the way form Ukraine just to fucking kill me. I guess I understand her.

Vlad is a player as I mentioned before. He tells girls he loves them and somehow gets every girl doing what he wants. I think I'm the only girl he knows that is just a friend to him. Mr. Player laughed at how girls tried to commit suicide because of him. That's one of the reason I stopped trying to get Arti's attention by that. I don't want everyone to laugh. I just feel sorry for the girls who actually really loved him. Some of them even got pregnant. Even 15 year olds. But of course you shouldn't expect him to ask her to marry him and raise the child together. 

Actually one of the reasons he ran away from Ukraine is cause he got a 15 year old pregnant and he didn't want to go to jail. Do you think he learned his lesson? Hell, No!

We talked about a lot that day. Mostly bad stuff but I enjoyed it.

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