The Love Game

Three words. One sentence. Very bad affect.
Tori is 13. She has friends, a good reputation, trust of her parents. She is happy. Never felt like she missed out on anything. Until...
Vlad is 7 years older. He is a player and a bad boy who does drugs and smokes.
What happens when to opposites attract? Can Tori hold onto everything she had while sneaking out with him?



Vlad started ignoring me after I blabbed out something I promised not to. Doesn't answer my texts or my calls. Its 1 am but I can't sleep nor do I want to.

"I love you"

I press SEND. 

I already know I regret it but what can i do now? He already read it. 

I lie in my bed in my dark blue underwear. Sweating but I'm cold. Pulling the blanket over my head I read his answer. When he was typing I had millions of thoughts and guesses about his answer but I never thought it would be this.

"R u drunk?"

How am I supposed to answer to that? He should know it was hard enough to send that. Why does he want me to answer? Doesn't he know I am only 13 and can't possibly get alcohol. 

My answer is like the most boring one ever. I'm not a pro in relationships. At least the creepy ones. My life was perfect. I had the "right" boyfriend and a great reputation.I can't possibly ruin that now. 

We texted for a long time after that discussing stuff like when I started liking him. And at some point it's not about dating or not dating anymore. Now  I need to show Mr. Player he can't win this game. This time I'm controlling him. I have to win. But can we ever be friends like we were before? Plus I still think I like Arti. What the fuck am I going to do?

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