The Love Game

Three words. One sentence. Very bad affect.
Tori is 13. She has friends, a good reputation, trust of her parents. She is happy. Never felt like she missed out on anything. Until...
Vlad is 7 years older. He is a player and a bad boy who does drugs and smokes.
What happens when to opposites attract? Can Tori hold onto everything she had while sneaking out with him?


5. O la la

Vlad: You dumby why did you ran away?

Me: Idk. I wish I could go back in time and change everything. wanna meet on Tuesday?

Vlad: Not sure if I can. Gotta pick my sis's kids from school

Me: Can't her husband do that?

Vlad: He's working but I'll ask him to come earlier.

I walk up to the bus stop to catch a bus to school. I cant believe its so hard to wait for his messages even though he texts every minute. Only a week ago I was waiting for Arti's reply (which BTW took from a few hours to couple of days) and now I barely think of him. That's why I'm thankful to Vlad. He is actually really sweet.  Great at compliments. Though he said I was the first one to guess his tactic. "Be really sweet and tell her what she wants to hear and then she'll do anything." Too bad I told him it doesn't work on me. 

Vlad: O la la! We can meet today!!!

Me: Great. Meet u at Epping then?

Vlad: K what time?

Me: 5?

Vlad: Sure. Cant wait to see u

Me: Me too


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