The Love Game

Three words. One sentence. Very bad affect.
Tori is 13. She has friends, a good reputation, trust of her parents. She is happy. Never felt like she missed out on anything. Until...
Vlad is 7 years older. He is a player and a bad boy who does drugs and smokes.
What happens when to opposites attract? Can Tori hold onto everything she had while sneaking out with him?


4. Ice Rink

I'm going ice skating with my friends on Sunday. A week ago I only did it for Arti. I loved him. He rejected me. Arti was perfect. At least that's what I thought. I guess I never payed attention to the bad things. I only remembered how hot he was, how he played guitar. His eyes. Smile... I couldn't possibly imagine that I will ever stop loving him. And I didn't. I cried so many nights... I tried everything I could... We kept having fights... And when everything was finally great my new boyfriend/ ex-friend told me he doesn't want me to contact him ever again. Those words were sinking in to me. I couldn't let goof the first person I actually love. But I couldn't lose my boyfriend. I guess he did have a point. I mean, I wouldnt want him talking to his old crushes. I told Vlad that I'm not talking to my old crush anymore. It was a lie. But we stopped talking about him and I'm pretty sure he stopped talking to him either, so it was easy to keep it secret.

It's Sunday morning and I'm getting ready to go. I jump in my moms car. Buckle up my little sis and we are ready to go. I'm quite scared to see him since I know he cant really control himself around his girlfriends. 

Tori, remember he is a player. Don't you start having feelings for him.

I wait for all my friends near the rink. While I have nothing to do I talk to a girl from my school who also came here. 


Vlad walks in through the door and smiles. That smile. I hate it but I love it. It's so dangerous and so addicitve.

"Hey." I can feel my face burning. He is so tall. I never really realized it that much.

"Hi, baby!" His had slides to my waist. I'm kinda lost. Then it goes lower to my butt. I immediately put it back to my waist. I can see he isn't too happy about that but he tries to keep it there.

We sit down on the floor near a wall  and an elevator waiting for the other people. He shows me the photos on his phone. Then some posts from a slutty group on Facebook. 

"Ew! You are so slutty!"

"Oh that is not slutty, honey!"

"Are you kidding me? Then what is?"

"You really want to know?"

I nod. 


"Oh." I remember how about 6 months ago I was obsessed with that theme but I never told anyone and that is not gonna change now. "Well that's just weird."

"99% of people are into that at some point of their life. I've known a girl who started doing that since she was 12."

"You know... I... I am into that..."

"ooh! I am pretty sure you are even more messed up than me! Maybe I should buy some stuff and we can play a bit!"

"No... I don't think so..."

"Right!" He says sarcastically then puts on his smile that is more like a laugh. " I bet you wish I would. You are such a pervert!"

"Hey! Remember it's you who started this conversation. And yeah, I am messed up so?"

"Nothing. Its totally fine. I like you that way." Our friends walk in and interrupt. we have to pretend Vlad and I are just friends which honestly sucks.

"Do you want me to pay for you?"My boyfriend whispers. 

"Nah. It's okay! We are supposed to keep it secret so it's better if I pay for myself."

"Whatever you say," he smiles and whispers "Baby!"

We walk onto the ice and he cannot skate at all. I grab his hand and show him how to not fall, stop and actually move on ice without my help. Then I spin him and he falls onto the ice and calls me a bitch. But it's a friendly bitch kinda way. So I laugh. He tries to catch up to me and get me back but fortunately I've been doing figure skating since I was five so he failed.

After a while we kept holding hands even though he could skate pretty well already. Then somehow he almost fell but held on to my and and got up. Accidentally  touching my boob. I was pretty pissed of but I liked that. He tried looking guilty but I could easily see his happy smile under that fake guilt.

After like two hours we said goodbye to everyone and went(more like ran) to be alone for a bit.  We found a corner where there was a fire door. he pushed me into the corner and stood really close. I could feel every part of his body is against mine. I can feel the heat from him. he kisses my neck and slowly goes down to my breast. Then up again. his kisses land on my neck, cheeks, my forehead. Then his lips find mine.We kiss for a few seconds and then I let him get in. Our tongues move slowly in a slow erotic dance. Faster and faster. 

"Vlad, do you want to make love to me?"

"Yes...but you know what I want more?" I shake my head. "I want to fuck you...hard."

"You know that I'm not having sex with you. I'm thirteen! Remember that."

"Oh, Baby! Age doesn't matter!"His hands make their way to my butt and then to my waist and slowly further down. 

"Don't!" I move away further. 

"Come on! I love you and you love me! what is the problem? I want you so badly. You look so sexy in those leggings. You have a great body so why are you ashamed of it?" He looks at me with hope and I realize that if I don't go now he will take my virginity. 

"Sorry, I really have to go! Or we will get caught by my mom!"]

He makes this puppy begging face but I just can't. Not today, not now. He kisses me goodbye and I walk away.

When I make it to my mom's car I lie to her that everything was good and that there were no older guys. She smiles.

My parents have high expectations. For all they know I am their perfect daughter that doesnt have social media or a boyfriend. A straight A student with a good group of friends. Though it's actually really different.Most of my friends are older than me and either did or sell drugs, smoke. As well as get drunk regularly. And as you know I do have a boyfriend.








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