The Hollow and The Saint

In a world filled with agony and despair, Logan, a master assassin embark on a journey to change reality in order to create the perfect society for his beloved Elizabeth Rose, where they can live together. Struggling against his bleak destiny and haunted by the demons ravaging this world enslaving people hopes and minds, all while fighting with a rage that might strip him of his humanity, will he be able to succeed in creating this perfect world?



2. The Saint

     "Logan! Why are you still awake?! Don't you know the orphanage rules?”

    “Everyone should be asleep after 9 pm, go back to the basement with the other kids!" yelled Ms. Marie. 

     Quickly, I ran passed her to the living room and rushed to the window capturing a clear picture of the sky.

    "You are 7 years old, and you run like a damn rat! Tonight you are sleeping in the Kagibi!" says Ms. Marie, after getting really angry.

    The ‘Kagibi’ was a dark creepy room full of rats reserved for bad kids, like me. Ms. Marie was the matron. The only reason she created that rule was so she can begin her ritual during the night without any disturbance. She would sit on that rotten, squeaking chair holding a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a cigarette in the other for 2 hours, finishing exactly 3 cigarettes and leaving about a half a quarter of the bottle. How do I know you ask? Well, I used to join her in her ritual every night, from a distance of course, without being noticed. I always wait for that moment when her eyes go full rainbows and her brain is set on autopilot so I can sneak to the window of the living room and memorize the sky. Don't get me wrong I was not that dreamy lovey-dovey kind of person. The only reason I did that was for her, Elizabeth Rose.


    Sitting in pitch black with only the sound of rats’ footsteps and the ventilator above my head, I sank with sadness, as I couldn't report back to her the picture in my head. Like every night, knowing she is waiting for my return, I was boiling with anger and anxiety.


    Unlike me, Elizabeth had a family. Which means she had a past, but a nasty, dark one. Her father was a somewhat a good person, for the most part where he is sober that is. He served in the army in WWII, stationed in the heart of Berlin, and then he returned home with unresolved issues. He used whiskey and bourbon to solve these problems. He would take all the rage embodied within him on his wife. But there was one person that he wouldn’t touch Elizabeth. Knowing that, and for the love she bears for her husband, Eli's mother stood by that man, hoping that one day her real husband would come back from that war.

    One night he was so drunk, he completely lost his senses. He called Eli to his side and whispered in her ear.

    "Your eyes are so pure Eli, you shouldn't befoul them with the demons and the evil manifested in this world," he whispered.

    Well, that was partially true as her father’s drunk face with his big scar on his forehead was the last thing Eli was able to see. He grabbed the bottle of mixed alcohol and pour it into his daughter's eyes. However, that won't be the last evil she would encounter. Her mother couldn't believe what she saw, she rushed at her daughter, pushing her away and grabbing the bottle from his hands. The father didn't like the idea of having the bottle away from him. Brimming with anger, he attacked his wife. Her Mother was so traumatized, she lost her senses herself. She saw the eyes of a desperate hopeless man, she knew then that her husband was long gone during that war, lost with the pile of corpses and gunpowder ashes. Out of fear of having her daughter hurt again, she hit her husband with the bottle. He was still moving and very much conscious, so she repeatedly hit him on the head, over and over until the bottle was stuck in his skull. Blood all over the place, pieces of his brains scattered on the carpet and sofa, her mother’s face and hands covered with her father's blood. Unable to see this messed up scene, Elizabeth was saved from witnessing with her eyes this horrible bloodbath.

    Her father was dead. As for her mother, she was sent to jail. Although she came out right after two weeks with a self defense plea, they wouldn't let her near Elizabeth. Her shrink mentioned in the report that her psychological condition was not stable, therefore Elizabeth was sent to this orphanage.


    I always thought that maybe because she couldn't see me with her eyes, she didn't fear me at all like the other kids who considers me ‘Satan son’, like the devil would want a son like me, that is. The kids wouldn't get along with Elizabeth too. She was about my age, but her way of thinking was certainly way beyond, so at least we had something in common. She told me the story of her parents with much detail, although she couldn't see the incident with her eyes. The sounds that were generated from that fight remained carved in her mind. I could tell the trauma she went through that fateful night just by her words. Elizabeth buried the memory of her family for good. With so little to cling on too, she willingly moved on with her life, accepting the fate she was given. I was so captivated by her determination and strong will.

   Every day, I would find new bruises either on her forehead or her feet from colliding with furniture. Despite the pain, she wouldn't ask for the help from anyone. The other kids always laughed and made jokes about her. One day, they intentionally placed a small straw pallet followed by Lego pieces in her way, and hid her cane so she wouldn't be able to detect what's in front of her. Hugging the wall, walking slowly and trying to feel the objects in her way, she seemed so weak and fragile. She was walking right towards the trap. I was spectating from around the corner. Imagining when she helplessly drops down screaming in pain, something inside me boiled with excitement, but also it gave birth to a ...disturbed feeling I couldn't shake it off. It was the first time that I experience this kind of feeling, and it was getting stronger and stronger. She was about to fall. Without knowing it, my body moved on its own, and rushed at her with all my might, just as she was already falling. I couldn't stop her, so I just threw myself onto the Lego pieces. She landed on top of me. Although I took most of the damage, feeling her warmth on top of me relinquished all the pain, it was the warmth that I didn't get to have. Not knowing what happened, Eli went on apologizing thinking that she was at fault. The other kids burst into laughter. I always thought myself to be some kind of demon, but after seeing their demonic laugh, I was convinced that they were the true fiends. From that day, Elizabeth and I became friends, sticking around with each other. The kids would call us Bobby and Blindy, referencing her blonde hair with her blindness and me as her dog. We didn't mind them at all, as we were living in our own world.

    She would ask me to describe the sky for her every night. She liked the way how I painted the words for her so she could image it in her mind. Of all the darkness and sinister things life showed her, she still wanted to see the beauty in this world. Why? Because she is a survivor, she refuses to give up. It was like even though she knew her weaknesses, she wanted to go beyond them. It was then I saw a person who is so fragile but so intimidating and inspirational. I found my goal. I admired her like my idol. I knew then that I wanted to make her happy, and for that, I had to create a world where someone like her can live in peace where no demon can defile her purity. At long last, I found my saint.


** This is more of a prologue to the story, more is yet to come! please let me know in the comment what you think. **

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