The Hollow and The Saint

In a world filled with agony and despair, Logan, a master assassin embark on a journey to change reality in order to create the perfect society for his beloved Elizabeth Rose, where they can live together. Struggling against his bleak destiny and haunted by the demons ravaging this world enslaving people hopes and minds, all while fighting with a rage that might strip him of his humanity, will he be able to succeed in creating this perfect world?



4. Survive

     Ten years went by on a whim. During this time, ‘The Doctor’ taught me all kind of things, like etiquette for eating, walking, and dancing. I learned to play the piano. He also taught me how to talk eloquently and the basics of body language. He even tutored me on woman and how to seduce them. I learned how to fight with and without a gun. I also gained knowledge on how to think and devise strategies and tactics. All in all, to go beyond human, you must become the perfect human and build on that.

    'The Doctor' wasn’t your ordinary old man. He was always sitting on his chair reading his books, as of nothing in world interested him anymore. He always kept his composure, he never wavered or gave away his feelings, he never drank too much, he never even went out to clubs or cafés, he was living completely in his own world, in isolation.

    However, 'The Doctor' wasn’t just a nickname for show, where he works in a hospital or a clinic, well that was his cover. In reality, he treated the wounded who can’t officially go to hospitals like gangsters, corrupt cops and such. Technically, he was an illegal doctor, a rich and a popular one at that. The interesting part, though, is that he was respected and feared by the strongest mafia families and police apart. The mansion where we lived in was like a fortress. We were surrounded by walls from all sides, armed men at every corner, and we even had snipers stationed the rooftops. All of that security because of this rule:

    ‘Nobody can harm the patient.’

    Nobody, I mean not the mafia nor the cops. What’s even more interesting is that the officials and high ranked cops always came to the parties 'The Doctor' organizes. They all knew of his activities, but chose to turn a blind eye. He had so much influence that he was considered the judge between mafia families. Of course everyone shall accept his judgement. However, there was the second rule:

     ‘No patient can stay more than 24 hours.’

    Otherwise, the patient would be kicked out. I guess that he made this rule to make up for the first one. He also made a third to completely tighten the knot:

      ‘No patient leaves without paying.’

    The hill the mansion was built on was like an independent nation, and 'The Doctor' was its ruler where everyone must abide by his rules. 'The Doctor' succeeded in creating his own small world. I guess it was time for me to build mine, a world much bigger than he envisioned I don’t want to live in isolation on a small hill reading books all day. I want to walk on the streets, besides worthy people, people who I can trust, people who have real goals, not some empty shells living their daily pointless lives. That’s the kind of world I wanted to create.

    “In order to completely understand the meaning of life and death, you have to learn to survive.” These were ‘The Doctor’s’ last words for me.

    So I left the mansion with only 32 bucks and 5 cents in my pockets and the clothes I was wearing. The only thing he gave me was a piece of paper written on it the name ‘Baron’. I went to the city searching for that so called ‘Baron’, sadly with no luck.

    As I walked in the streets of this god forsaken city, I could see them demons, angels, sheep, wolves all the empty faces of the people walking right beside me. One woman walking in front of me, judging by the deep cuts on her left wrist, tried to kill herself many times. The reason she failed so miserably is that little boy she held dearly to her chest with that same hand, the hand of shame. He was about 5 years old. Covered in bruises, even a boy that age can have it rough in this world. If I had to guess, the father must have a short temper. A young man walked right by me, wearing a long coat. Beneath it, he had a pistol concealed. In his footsteps, I can feel fear and anxiety. On the other side of the road, a beautiful blonde woman with an elegant dress walked with her head up high. You can easily see the confidence from her posture. However, that lovely exterior was only a façade to cover up the ugly truth buried deep inside: tricking married men into spending their children’s school fees. After they are completely dried up, she tosses them like an empty can into the pit of despair. With many more horrible stories, along with the rising number of poor people and rich selfish bastards, this world was slowly becoming a second hell.


      During that time, I went and filed Elizabeth release papers. Surprisingly, she started working at a tailor shop. She always had that artistic side, and despite being blind, would tailor beautiful gloves and scarfs in the winter. The owner was an elderly woman, Ms. Anderson, who, fascinated by Eli’s work and talent, quickly hired her. She even rented a one room apartment near the store. All by herself, she continued to survive in her own way. So I rented an apartment next to hers on the same floor. From that moment, we spent every night talking and laughing, just like old times. I would drop her at the shop every day and greet Ms. Anderson, who always welcomed me.  She always loved the company, as she lost her husband in the war and has no kids.


    As for me, I was building my name in street boxing. It was technically illegal, but it paid the bills. Despite being so young, I somehow managed to maintain more wins than losses. I still remember my last match. My opponent was 'The Boomer', and he earned that nickname for a good reason. He was twice my size, and his hands were so big that when he punched someone, you heard a ‘boom’, not to mention the sound of bone cracking, of course. It was said that he even cracked his opponent’s skull with just 3 punches. I was 18, 185-meter-tall, weighing no more than 83 Kg. I can tell that everyone was betting on him to win. I didn’t care instead, I remained focused. Although I can feel my body shivering, this time, my life was on the line. As I watched the crowd cheering him on, I began to feel the pressure in the air rising, the humidity increasing, and the air became hotter. I began to sweat and it became hard to breathe. [TIN] [TIN] The bell rang. The fight has started.

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