The Hollow and The Saint

In a world filled with agony and despair, Logan, a master assassin embark on a journey to change reality in order to create the perfect society for his beloved Elizabeth Rose, where they can live together. Struggling against his bleak destiny and haunted by the demons ravaging this world enslaving people hopes and minds, all while fighting with a rage that might strip him of his humanity, will he be able to succeed in creating this perfect world?



24. Mirage of a Storm - Part I



     You know that feeling when everything in front of you just becomes blurry for a second, you stop hearing what’s going on around you. Suddenly, you can feel millions of thoughts jumping like little bunnies all over in your head. That was me the moment my foggy brain finally figured out the crater of shit I was thrown into. Franco knew about the serial numbers because he is part of the Illuminati, now it all makes sense.

     “Look, I swear I didn’t know he was with the Illuminati,” I said.

     “It doesn’t matter if you knew or not! they don’t care, all they see is a dead officer killed by one of their assassins” 'The Baron' replied.

     “Who are they?” I asked.

     “The overseers, who else. They even told me to give them a call once you show up,” he said.

     “Of course you didn’t, right?” I said.

     “I didn’t, for now! First I will make some calls to see how bad the situation is. Until then, stay in this shop for few days till we find a solution,” he said.

     Even though I don't completely trust him, but for now I have to do what he says. If what he is saying is true, then I don't really have a choice. So I spent the night at the shop.


     The night came, I was sitting on the chair. Thinking back, I was wondering, how did he know about the mission? Also, I was wearing a disguise with a fake identity,  no one should have been able to recognize me from the event. Moreover, why didn’t he ask me why I did it or even who sent me? Did he already know? The more I think about it the more I get lost in a maze of questions.  

     [CRACK] I heard a noise, [PUP] [PUP] [PUP] [PUP] those were shots from a silenced weapon. Luckily I heard them when they entered and had enough time to take cover behind the door. There were 4 fully armed men. The moment they entered they knew where to shoot like they knew that I was inside sitting on this chair.  One of them came close and noticed that I wasn't there. So they spread out searching for me. 

     I can't take them out while they are grouped, but one on one I can have a chance if I use stealth, besides I excel in hand to hand combat. One of them was getting close to the door, I waited till he entered,[BASH] quickly I subdued him and choke him to death. Looking at him, he was well equipped, wearing a Kevlar vest and covering his face with a bandage, no gang member or government forces had this kind of specifications. Which only means that these guys are hired mercenaries. However, the Illuminati doesn’t hire third party groups to do their work.

     Then who sent them?

     I went to the other guy, I approached him silently, however, the floor was made out of wood, my back isn't fully healed yet, I made a wrong step, he heard the noise and quickly turned at me. His reaction was fast, he pointed his gun at me, I was too close to him I can't dodge. So I used my left hand to change the direction of his hand,[PUP] he missed. Then I used my right which had a knife in it and stabbed him in the neck, he died immediately.

     The other two must have heard the gunshot even with the silencer on. I picked his gun and took cover behind the wall. [PUP] the moment one of them entered I shot him in his head.

     [PUP] The other one came from the left side, I didn’t notice him,[PUP] he shot me in my right arm. I changed cover, [PUP] [PUP] [PUP] [PUP] he was still firing at me, he missed 5 shots till now. I changed cover again, it was hard to see in the dark, [PUP] [PUP] he missed another two shots. This is my chance, he noticed he was out of bullets, [PUP] he took cover, I missed. [CLICK] I heard him changing the clip, quickly I rushed to his location trying to take the shot. He heard me coming, so he left his cover and tackled me down, [TIN] [TAN] my gun flew away. I pushed him over, he stood and brought out his knife, [TCHIN] [TCHIN] I dodged the first and the second swing, I stopped the third using my left hand holding his forearm. [BASH] I used headbutt, he lost balance. With my knife in the right hand, I tried to stab him. [TCHAK] He used his left hand as a shield. His right hand with the knife was free, he was going with the swing at full force. [TCHIN] I dodged downwards, then immediately aimed at his throat with my knife using a slice attack, it was a perfect cut. He was bleeding all over.

     “Tell me who sent you?!” I asked.

     "The…B... Baron!" He said before dying.

     So, in the end, that piece of shit sold me out.

     But why wait till midnight? Why not kill me when he had the chance?

     Things are really getting complicated. I can’t stick around here any longer plus my right hand is bleeding fast not to mention my old wounds. I need medical attention and shelter at a place that doesn’t belong to the Illuminati. Luckily there was only one location that provided both.


**Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I will be seeing you next Friday.**

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