The Hollow and The Saint

In a world filled with agony and despair, Logan, a master assassin embark on a journey to change reality in order to create the perfect society for his beloved Elizabeth Rose, where they can live together. Struggling against his bleak destiny and haunted by the demons ravaging this world enslaving people hopes and minds, all while fighting with a rage that might strip him of his humanity, will he be able to succeed in creating this perfect world?



19. Lilith

     Do you know that moment when you look at someone, suddenly you get that astonishing feeling, that strong bump in your chest, along with the burning sensation in your stomach? Then you start to look at the world from a different perspective, everything seems colorful. Your eyes fixed on to that person, lost in their gaze, held captive by that beauty, with nowhere to run or hide, love strikes showing no mercy.

     I was on my way to 'Underwood' town. Far from the city and out of the mafia territory, 'Franco Dorello' a powerful business man, recently mayor and most important of all former leader of the Missoni, took control over the town, buying almost sixty percent of the lands and spreading his influence throughout the region. The contract didn't mention any specific way or method for the assassination, which meant I was free to do it any way I wanted. However, the contract stated that I should retrieve an important file located inside his mansion, specifically in a secret safe right behind a big painting in his master bedroom. Franco is currently holding a 2-day event celebrating the opening of his new fancy hotel. This will be my opportunity to easily enter the place. But it won’t be an easy job with so little time to plan, maybe that’s why this was a two-person job. It isn't unusual for more than one assassin to work together on a contract, but we prefer to work alone, just like lone hunters.

     I arrived at the motel. I was supposed to meet Lilith here at the lounge. I took a look around. I noticed a man staring at me sitting in the lounge.

     Maybe Lilith is a handsome man?

     I approached him. His body was well developed, he must be good a good fighter, his face looks dumb but again, you can’t judge people by appearances alone.

     “Hey! Are you waiting for someone?” I asked.

     “Hmmm, you can say that. Why do you want to know?” He asked. His voice sounded more feminine.

     It seems this is my partner. Not what I imagined though.

     “So should we get a room and discuss this more thoroughly?” I asked.

     “Oh my! You really like the action don’t ya? Shame, where is the suspense in that?” He responded.

     “Excuse me? Lilith we have no time for little talk you know,” I said.

     “Excuse yourself! Whose Lilith handsome?” He replied.

     Fuck…Wrong person. Why did he talk with me like that then?!

     “Ah…Nobody. It seems I had too much to drink. Sorry for the disturbance,” I said while quickly walking away.

     Damn I am so dumb.

     I saw a woman sitting alone by the window, she was wearing a black ornate shirt with black skirt. Her long black hair was dancing in the wind breeze, she was thin, yet her body was well developed like an athlete, she was reading a book, I walked right to her, she looked at me with her big green eyes, suddenly, I felt immobilized for a second.

     “May I help you?” She asked.

     “Oh sorry, I was just looking through the window,” I said while walking away.

     Seriously what is wrong with me today?

     [CHUCKLES] Then I noticed it, a silent giggling coming from behind. I turned back.

     “I was wondering does the book you're reading mentions Lilith of the apocalypse?” I asked.

     “Yes, it does mention Lilith, but not that one, the Lilith in this book is much smarter, she deceived everyone, then she entered heaven acting like an angel without anyone suspecting her,” she replied.

     The way she talked, you can't help but listen to that melodic voice of hers, her words are like magic binding the listener with an irreversible spell. My heart was racing fast, I hated myself for having this feeling. She was my partner, the Lilith mentioned in the contract, I have to introduce myself.

     “But what happens when she meets someone who recognizes her? Will she be descended to hell?” I asked.

     “No hell can hold Lilith, even the devil himself fear her presence, That’s why she will always be alone,” she replied.

     “Then what happens when she meets someone beyond human, someone that can face even the devil himself, someone who is also alone, someone let's say...Hollow,” I said.

     “I don’t know, she has never thought of that, but if that person ever comes by one day, she won't need hell nor heaven to cover her loneliness,” she said.

     “Hollow pleased to meet you, or you can call me Thomas Clay,” I said.

     "Lilith, likewise, Evelyn White. By the way, I saw you talking to that guy over there. Sorry but I died from laughing," she replied.

     “So you knew who I am from the start? Okay then, just don’t mention this again and I will guarantee you we will be best friends,” I responded. She laughed again.

     We had to act with different identities, I was Thomas Clay a civil engineer that supervised the hotel design, married to Evelyn White ‘Lilith’, we both were invited to Franco event. The real Thomas and Evelyn didn’t receive the invitation as it was stolen before it even arrived at them. We also needed to change our appearances to match the original owners, I had to wear a brown wig. Playing as husband and wife, we must act like a happily married couple, which also meant sleeping at the same room in the same bed.

     “Okay we have two days until the event is over, I say we must focus on scouting the mansion in the first day,” I said.

     “Agree, but we must not draw too much attention as someone might know the real Thomas and Evelyn,” She said.

     “Okay then it's settled, tonight we will begin,” I said.


     I had to wear a tuxedo, I wasn’t a big fan of suits, I always feel like they tied up my body, Lilith wore a black dress, she really liked that color, almost all her clothes are black. I liked that about her. I held her hand and entered the event. The mansion was so big, almost similar to a small castle. Every wall had a painting different from the other, the floor was covered with red carpets, the number of antiques was beyond imagination, no matter where you look you can find a new piece different from the other. There was a lot of people attending the event, judging by their faces, all I saw was drunk actors, sharing fake smiles while boosting about their dirty achievements. I can tell, they led empty lives just like their souls. It was so pathetic, you can feel that nobody could stand the sight of the other, but they were forced to act because well, you don’t know when you will need that irritating bastard in front you. I inspected the mansion, it had 2 doors from the front and one from the back, but the latter was hard to access, it was heavily guarded by armed guards and watchdogs. The master bedroom in which the file is located was on the second floor right at the end. I couldn’t go up there alone without being spotted or detected, not to mention the guard at the top of the stairs. Infiltrating the mansion in the night is almost impossible considering the security. Luring Franco out alone with all these people around is difficult to accomplish. We returned home, holding more questions than answers.


     I was changing my cloth. She was looking at the sky from the window.

     “What do you think of the people we saw today? other than their fake masks, what do you think of them as human beings?” She asked.

     “I have a theory, well it's more like a speculation, they say that people change while growing up. However, I think that every person has the mentality of a child, we only build on that foundation, while the concept remains the same. If you observe children’s behavior you will notice a strong kid in the group dominating the rest, also you will notice jealousy and envy between one another, they like to play with toys and will always try anything to win. Now observe the adults, you will find the same behavior but more advanced, it's like their toys got bigger with the fancy cars, and the games that they played while they were little, now it's just more realistic, even their emotions towards each other remains the same, only now you know how to express them,” I explained

     “[Chuckles] Funny, I used to think the same way, not with such detail of course, but I knew that no matter what we did, our only purpose in life is to satisfy that little child in our heart. like he would ever be satisfied” She said

     "You said 'Used to think', did you have a change of mind?" I asked

     "You see, children are born pure, their souls are clear as water. Even when kids hurt each other, they feel bad. But then you look at grownups, they harm with a cold emotionless look on their faces" She explained.

     "That's because they learned how to embrace the demon inside, then completely taking over, transforming them into being beyond human, capable of anything," I said.

     "We are all born with a demon encaged inside of us, screaming to get out, and it's up to us to resist and endure, that's all we can hope for. You know? it's the first time I ever talked to anybody about how I really feel. Usually, a normal person would think that I am crazy or a psychopath, yet, we even shared the same thoughts, how weird is that?" She asked.

     "Luckily for me, I had someone with whom I could share my philosophy of life, you can say he was my mentor. And no, you and I are not crazy, we are the blessed few that have seen the truth and accepted it. You can say we are like two wolves surrounded by blind sheep," I replied.

     “Hmmm, how about we sleep together on the same bed? I don’t mind,” she said.

     I didn’t respond. She got up and laid her hands on my shoulders from the back.

     “You are really sturdy you know that? Come don’t be shy, besides nobody will know,” she said with a lusty voice.

      “A woman body is more sacred than letting a man you knew yesterday have his way with it, I can’t forgive myself for that,” I responded while looking at hear straight in the eyes.

     She thought I can be deceived so easily, but I can see right through her like if I was looking through glass. She didn’t want me to sleep with me, she just wanted me provoked, then, when I get stuck in her webs like a helpless prey she will reject me, that fake devilish smile behind her eyes said it all. All that heart to heart talk about demons made her think I was an easy victim, what she didn't know that my demon was dancing with hers all along. After hearing my words, she slowly moved her hands off me and went silently to her bed. I could hear the screams coming inside of her, like a child who couldn't get her toy. Still, I can feel something drawing me on to her, despite the darkness surrounding her heart, even if it was a glimpse, but I saw it, a flicker of light that is begging to be freed, but instead it was being pushed back. Tomorrow is our last chance, till now we had no plan, or even a thread we could start with, the task seemed to be impossible to accomplish.


** I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I will be seeing you next Friday.**

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