The Hollow and The Saint

In a world filled with agony and despair, Logan, a master assassin embark on a journey to change reality in order to create the perfect society for his beloved Elizabeth Rose, where they can live together. Struggling against his bleak destiny and haunted by the demons ravaging this world enslaving people hopes and minds, all while fighting with a rage that might strip him of his humanity, will he be able to succeed in creating this perfect world?



9. Codename Hollow


     ‘The Baron’ base of operation was actually an antique shop. It was a great front. Unlike fictional stories, where assassination orders are given by codes through newspapers or a letter carried by flying pigeons. The process is actually simpler than you think. Assassination orders are first passed to ‘The Baron’ whom create a contract that will be assigned to the appropriate assassin available. Each contract has a difficulty level. ‘D’ being the lowest and going up to ‘S’ which is the highest difficulty only given to professional assassins. The more difficult contracts you complete, the faster you can go up in rank increasing the reward fee. Money should not under any circumstance be stored in banks. Instead, ‘The Baron’ can store the money you earn with him in a room almost like the safe of a real bank. Earning a constant interest, you don’t have to worry about the government investigating or freezing your account.

      ‘No assassin shall interfere with another assassin contract.’

      ‘Members of the board shall not be harmed under any circumstance.’

     Members of the board include 'The Baron' and higher ranks. Which means that assassins are eligible into killing anyone else, or even other assassins as long as they are not tied to any contract.
Every assassin must abide by these two rules. In case an assassin was suspected of breaching the rules, a group called ‘The Overseers’ will emerge to investigate. Given the evidence, the assassin may be labeled rogue. In that case an expert assassin shall be assigned to take him out. Or in dire situations where a serious breach is made, the convicted member shall be excommunicated. Meaning a worldwide contract shall be made under his name. With nowhere to run or hide, hunters at every corner, it’s like a living hell.

     “Now, you should pick up a code name for yourself," says 'The Baron'.

     Our real names shall not be revealed to other assassins or be mentioned in a contract, that's why we need codenames. It was hard for me to pick one, I never thought that I would ever need such a thing, for me names don’t matter. But if I had to pick one, I would choose something that reflects me, my personality.

     “Hollow, let my code name be hollow” I replied.

     “Hollow it is then, and now for the final touch,” he said.

     Under my armpit, he marked me with a serial number, like I was some kind of animal stock, 1959X2112 was mine. 

     “Hollow, Welcome to the Illuminati,” he said with a big voice.

     Unlike movies and stories written in books, they didn’t hold any welcoming ceremony or ritual. Instead, he gave me a 1911 Colt with 2 ammo clips, I didn’t even need to meet anyone else. I had to buy a knife because I prefer close combat rather than long range and gun blazing. The Ka-Bar fighting knife was my favoured, it was popular with the Marines in WWII. Now, I was ready.


    After 3 weeks a contract came for me. I had to assassinate a police detective, ‘Arthur Bale’. The contract stated some certain requirements, it must look like a suicide, I must destroy a certain evidence, also it must be done on Christmas Eve day. It was due in a week. I promised Elizabeth that we will celebrate that day together. Unlike Eli, I wasn’t the religious type, I didn’t believe in anything but myself. Leaving Eli alone that day was not an option for me. I was determined to complete the job and celebrate with her at the same time, which meant that I had to kill the guy before 9:00 pm, which is not an ideal time for an assassination. But I had to pull it off, somehow.


     The next morning, I was walking Eli to work.

     “Hey Logan, don’t forget to buy the stuff on the list I gave you,” she reminded me.

     “Okay, do you want anything special for this year?” I asked.

     “Well fix my kitchen sink and kill the new couple next door and I will the happiest girl in the neighborhood! Gosh they like it loud at night and their bed doesn’t know when to stop squealing either,” she replied with a sarcastic tone.

     “Heck girl, your life suck, at least I can help you with the sink thing, that would make you half happy I guess,” I replied also with a sarcastic voice. Only if she knew I could help her with both. Maybe I will, in my free time that is.

     “Oh right before I forget, I will invite Ms. Anderson to join us on Christmas night, she always spends that night alone, I feel bad for her," she asked me.

     Well, that might be my way out.

     "Alright then if anything came out with me and I couldn’t come, you would not be alone,” I said, drawing my way out, or so I thought.

     “No way you’re not going to be with us! I won’t let you! Even if they called you at work I will personally talk with your manager and talk him out of it,” she replied.

     Imagine Eli talking with 'The Baron' what a scene that would be.

     “Okay! Okay!  One day you will break a nerve with that temper,” I said.

     I dropped her off and went to begin my surveillance on Arthur. 


     During a week, I found out that my target was a routine kind of guy which makes him very much predictable. First, he always gets coffee at 7:50 am from the same shop, he arrives 8:15 am at work, between 6:00 pm and 6:15 pm he returns home. In the weekend he spends his time with his family. He has a girl and a boy, his wife is a kindergarten teacher. With some digging around, I found out that he is investigating the murder of a hooker, she was found dead in an alleyway and was declared as suicide by throwing herself from the rooftop.

     However, Arthur didn’t believe this story as her body was all covered up with wounds, as if she was tortured by someone, this someone is ‘Brian Erickson’ the son of rich and powerful George Erickson. To the public he was the owner of some fancy restaurants, behind the scenes he smuggled women to work as hookers, the victim was one of them. It is said that Arthur found a key evidence to the incident, but waited patiently as the higher ups in the force are stalling him. They were all in George’s pocket. But Arthur didn’t stop, so it was my turn to make Arthur back down for good this time.


It’s 8:30 pm Christmas night, Arthur is coming out of his car, the time has come for me strike.


**Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I tried to explain as much as possible the world of assassin's and their rules. Still, there is a lot of information that will be unveiled around this dark universe in the upcoming chapters, so stay tuned! I will be seeing you guys next Friday.**

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