The Hollow and The Saint

In a world filled with agony and despair, Logan, a master assassin embark on a journey to change reality in order to create the perfect society for his beloved Elizabeth Rose, where they can live together. Struggling against his bleak destiny and haunted by the demons ravaging this world enslaving people hopes and minds, all while fighting with a rage that might strip him of his humanity, will he be able to succeed in creating this perfect world?



17. The Killing Joke

    Everybody wishes to be a hero, an icon that acts as an inspiration to everyone. But, nobody ever thought of the method or means used to achieve such a notion. In comic books, the hero always strives to save innocent people, the city, and even the villains. Well, pardon my language but in my opinion, that is just bull crap mixed with donkey shit. Just think for a second, the hero always saves the day, over and over, but peace is never ensured. Okay then, bear with me.

    When I was a kid, I loved reading comic books. The characters were so cool, I couldn't resist buying the next chapter. I loved reading Batman story, in particular a book named ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ caught my interest.

    The story heavily revolves around The Joker’s background,  the main villain. We see all the hardships and pain he endured, from failing at his job to losing his own family. It is said that his past was so painful, his memory of it got disrupted. All of this misery was caused by the demons that are inhabiting this world, the ones disguised in human shape. They walk among us unnoticed, and take many forms. Maybe it’s the guy walking right beside you on the street, or the politician you just voted for, or maybe the neighbor next door, or even a family member. They are all around us, yet they cause so much anguish.

    Don't you think that such a man, had seen and experienced the truth of life? And when he finally had enough, he pledged to change this world, purifying it from all the malice, and so he became The Joker. Instead of saving the villains, he tried to kill every last one of them. He knew, like himself, that they had lost their humanity long ago. Guess who intervened and stopped him? Batman, the true villain. Instead, he saved villains and put them behind bars. A noble act, right? But what then? They just come out, again, and kill more innocent people, again.

    Now, remember what The Joker always told Batman, over and over he tried to make him kill, he even offered himself as a sacrifice, begging him to do it. Why? Because he was trying to show him, trying to open his eyes to the truth. Blind justice, that is what I will call it, and what is more saddening is that we are actually cheering for the villain without even putting any thought into it. That's why, the six-year-old me who already had seen the truth if this cruel world, refused to believe this nonsense.

    That is when I stopped believing in these fake heroes. With this enlightenment, the seeds of my dream were planted deep into my core. I wanted to be neither the hero nor the villain, neither black nor white, I wanted to be gray, a harbinger of truth. That is the essence of my dream.

    "Hey Eli...umm can you get me a set of your clothes?" I asked.

    "Mine? Why? Don't tell me you finally surrendered to your feminine side?" she replied, sarcastically.

    "Uh, no? When did I ever showed any feminine side?"

    "Well, you cook better than any girl I know. Gosh! Even the thought of it made me hungry, can you believe that?" she said while rubbing her tummy.

    Emily bursted into laughter, and Elizabeth noticed her presence.

    “Ah, mind telling me who is this? My little ears are picking up some giggling nearby," Elizabeth asked.

    "Sorry, I didn't introduce you. Eli this is Emily, she is an old friend from when I was at The Doctor mansion, Emily this is Elizabeth, my childhood friend and also... my criticizer," I replied.

    “Hey Emily! I hope that Logan here didn't bother you, he can be a troll sometimes." she greeted while criticizing me, again.

    "Eli, the clothes maybe?" I asked.

    "Oh right! Sorry, I will be back in a sec," she replied. Then she went to her apartment.

    "She can't see, right? I mean I am naked and she didn't even flinch," said Emily.

    "Yes, otherwise she would have freaked out," I responded.

    "Are you two... is she your girlfriend? Why aren't you two living together?" she asked.

    "What?! are you-"

    "Forgot to ask you, is a long yellow skirt with Mary Jane shoes okay?" said Elizabeth, suddenly returning.

    "Anything is fine, thanks!" Emily replied.

    "Okay....going for it."

    "See! She is absolutely jealous! She came back to check on us. You can't deny anything now!" Emily asserted.

    "First of all, that’s none of your business, I’ve barely known you for three hours, for fuck sake. Secondly, no, she is not jealous, and no, she is not my girlfriend. Happy now?" I replied, trying to hold my temper.

    "Okay! Okay! Sheesh, hold your breath... but you know what?" she replied. “That’s good to hear, because I don’t like sharing,” she whispered into my ear.

    Elizabeth returned, with a set of cloth in her hands.

    "Here is your clothes, I hope they are not too small for you," said Elizabeth.

    "No, they are perfect, I will change in a sec," Emily replied.

    Emily went to change in the bathroom.

    "Hey, why does she needs clothes? And when do you even have friends? And a girl at that?" Elizabeth asked.

    "Why do you care? And what is that 'friends' thing? You know I just don't get along with people, that doesn't mean I don't have a few friends... here and there..." I retorted uncertainly.

    "Well, just saying. I thought maybe you need the room alone, if that's the case, then I should give you some space..." she said with a low voice.

    "No, we don't need the room. And no! I don't need you to give us some space. Seriously, women have such complicated minds, even NASA can’t understand your chain of thoughts," I seethed.

    "So, how do I look?" Emily asked after getting out.

    "Nice, I guess" I replied.

    "'Nice, I guess.' Shame on you! Is that the way you talk to a lady?" Elizabeth scolded.

    "Oh! You look so fabulous my dear the way it touches your sweet, white skin is so breathtaking I can't take my eyes off you! ... Is that fine? Or you want more?" I said in a high-pitched imitation of a woman

    "Jeez! You don't have to sound like a prick while saying it," Emily scoffed.

    "So how long will you be staying in town, Emily?" Eli asked.

    "Well, Logan here promised to show me around the city tomorrow, after that I will be leaving," said Emily.

    "Wait?! When did I-"

    "How wonderful! Tomorrow I was planning on visiting the market with Logan. Let's all go together then!" Elizabeth replied.

     Women....what enigmas.


    After Emily spent the night at Eli's apartment, I don’t know if it is just an act, but, the two of them became friends really fast.

    I was like their servant, they were dragging me to every store, making me carry all their belongings, and even made fun of me along the way.

    I am an assassin for the most dangerous organization in the world, yet here I am, am being abused by two girls.

    During the way, I noticed Emily acting funny. It was like she was monitoring our every movement, and I wondered why. While Elizabeth was talking to Ms. Anderson in the phone booth, I was having a cigarette in the corner when Emily came up right beside me.

    "Can I have a puff?" Emily asked.

    "Yeah sure."

    "You know, I think now I understand," she speculated.

    "Understand what?" I asked.

    "You two, are like the two faces of the same coin. Like the sun and the moon, like black and white, the hollow and the saint."

    "Wow, when did you become so philosophical? Did the cigarette do this to you?" I retorted.

    "That is why you can't share the same feelings as her. You both love each other like no one else, I don't know how to explain it...but your love is different than hers," she said.

    I was surprised at how much thought Emily put into it. She described our relationship so perfectly.

     But why so much focus on us? Wait! Is this about...?

    "Emily, about last night… I don't know what you thought, but, I can't be the man you want me to be. You see, I am not a good person, I-" I was interrupted.

    "Say no more, I think I know the answer, or maybe I knew it all along but chose to deny it instead… Nah! Let's just enjoy ourselves! Life is too short to be wasted on small talk!" she slapped on an enthusiastic voice and a fake smile.

    Suddenly, I saw it. It was on the front of a bookstore. The Killing Joke, the last comic book I read while I was a kid. I went to take a closer look, Emily noticed my interest towards the book, so she came with me.

    "This book it holds so much pain and you remember the ending?" Emily asked.

    "No, I stopped reading it halfway," I replied.

    "You missed the best part! At the end, Batman apprehended The Joker. He told him that he doesn’t have to be alone, they don’t need to kill each other, he even offered him help. For the first time, The Joker opened his heart. He told Batman that it’s already too late for him. But then, to lighten up the air, The Joker told Batman a joke. You won't believe what happened next! They both burst into laughter, and it was so sincere, they couldn't stop laughing. It was like they never laughed like that before. Despite all the bad The Joker did to Batman and his friends, and all the hatred he bear towards Batman, it was all forgotten at that moment. In my opinion, that was the most emotional moment in comic book history no, it was the best!"

    After hearing the ending, it was like the child inside me couldn't handle it and burst into tears.

    “You know what, I think I am going to read it again.”

    “Since you’re buying, how about you get me this book too,” she said, taking advantage of the situation.

    “You asked me last night a question, the answer is yes, you can definitely trust me Emily.”

    “I know, after all, you’re the only person who didn’t take advantage of me, although you had the chance.”

    After all she’s been through, and all the bad things I made her do last night, Emily still had a sparkle of light inside her heart. She chose to carry on with her life, like a true survivor, just like Elizabeth. She refused to succumb to the darkness. And yet, I was trying to steal that light from her.

    Shame on me.

    “Logan, you don’t have to be alone, it’s not too late for you yet,” said Emily, out of the blue.

    "Hey! I am done. Come on, let's get moving. I am getting tired, you know!" yelled Elizabeth after finishing her phone call.

    “Come on, let’s get back home,” I said.


    After a long day, we returned home. On the way, my mind was trying to wrap up what happened today. I couldn’t shake off this disturbing feeling inside my heart, as if it was being surrounded by shades of darkness. Suddenly, everything in front of me was all dark and gloomy.

     What is wrong with me? I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight.

    It was around 8 p.m. and I was about to enter my apartment.


    I realized the door was half open. Someone was still inside.

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