Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is greatful
Love hurts
Love makes people crazy
Love never ever dies

A sequel to Beautiful!


20. Twenty

I felt better in a week my head healed nicely and my hand was still in the process of getting better. The sound had scared and it was kinda hard to bend my fingers and apply weight to them. They were really stiff as well and it felt like I had never used my hand before in my full entire life. 

"Jiminie~" Jungkook sang as we walked into the house. He placed the keys on the table and he held up a was of money. "We are so closeeeee~" he said and he stuffed the wad of money into the vase where all our other money was hidden. 

"How was your day?" I asked and I leaned up to kiss him as he walked over to me. 

"My day was good," he said and he stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Hoseok got out of the hospital today and he's on his way home so he can get back to his job. He told me to tell you that he was happy that you were okay and that if you needed anything to call and that I was the perfect guy for you and you should just marry me already." I looked at him with one eyebrow raised and he sighed lightly. "Fine, I made the last part up... But it's true." He said and he stood up suddenly. "I got you something today."

"You got me something?" I asked and I look over at him, seeing him nod his head. "Jungkook, you don't have to buy me things. I didn't get you anything." 

"That's okay, I got you something you need," he said and he disappred in the porch. He returned a few seconds later, holding a cellphone box in his hands. "You need to be able yo text me when you need me," he said and he passed me the phone. 

"Jungkook, isn't this a bit expensive?" I ask. 

"What does that mean?" He replied and he wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Yours got broken and I really wanted you to have it," he said and he kissed my cheek. "Do you like it?" 

I nod my head, a smile sprouting across my face. "Thank you, Jungkook," I said and I kissed his lips passionately. "Now Taehyung's never going to find me again," I said and I opened up the packaging, pulling the phone out. 

I turn it on, seeing it was already sat up and the lock screen on my phone was a picture of me and Jungkook. I felt my face turn a bit red and I hit his chest with my hand. "You're sweet," I said and I leaned up, kissing him on the lips again. "Thank you so much." 

"You're always welcome," he said and he smiled brightly. "Im glad you like it," he said and he stood up. "Let's get packing, flight leaves tomorrow," he said and he pulled my passport from his sweater pocket. 

"Jungkook.." I said and I took the passport, looking at the plane ticket sticking out of the book. "Oh my god.." I said and I felt tears begin to fall down my face. 

"We have an apartment, I have a job interview in a week." He smiled and he pulled me up on my feet, pulling me into a hug. "You're beautiful even when you cry," he said and he wiped tears off my face. "I didn't mean to make you cry." 

"I'm just so happy," I said and I hugged him tightly. "You told me yesterday that it would be a while until we ever made it there." 

"I guess I lied," he said and he placed his hands on my cheeks, pulling me in for a kiss. "When we get to america, I want you to choose something you're passionate about doing and do it, let this be your chance to create the life you want to live," he said and he placed his hands on my waist. "We won't have anymore worries, we'll fit in nicely," he added and he took my passport, setting it down on the coffee table. 

I hugged him tightly and I looked up at him, "you're the best, Jungkook. Have I ever told you that?" I asked and I placed my hands on his shoulders. "Cause if I haven't, I should have." 

He smiled and he ruffled my hair. "You may have mentioned it somewhere along the way," he said and he led me up the stairs and over to the bedroom. 

We packed our things for hours, taking only the things that we desperately needed. I sighed deeply when we finished and I fell back on the bed. 

"Done," Jungkook said and he pushed one of the suitcases to the side, laying back on the bed with me. "Only a few more hours," he said and he covered my leg with his own leg. 

"I'm so excited," I said and I moved my leg from under his and I rest it over his leg. 

"Let's go to the store," Jungkook said and he sat up, grabbing his wallet from the bedside table. "I really want something sweet." 

I nodded my head and I stood up, pulling my sweater on. "Jungkookie," I said and I wrapped my arms around him, chuckling lightly. 

"Jiminie~" he sang and he laughed lightly, leading me down stairs and into the porch. "How is you're hand?" He asked as he pulled on his sneakers. 

"My hands pretty good, still hurts a bit though," I said and I opened up the front door, leading him outside. "What kind of sweet thing are you going to get? I want ice cream," I said and I opened up the passenger side door. 

"Ice cream well get," He said and he got into the car. I got in as well and I pulled on my seatbelt. I rested my hands on my lap and I hummed lightly. 

"Chocolate?" I ask and Jungkook nodded his head. 

The rest of the ride was kind of quiet. Jungkook told me a small story from his childhood. He told me it was the only memory he had of his father from when he was nice to him. They were walking on a beach and they when to see a board walk performance while eating chocolate ice cream. 

I didn't know much about his dad, but he really didn't seem like a good person to me. 

Jungkook was holding a tub of ice cream in his hands as we walked around the store, looking for anything else we wanted. 

"Jimin?!" Some one called out and I stopped in my tracks, looking around to see who the person was. 

A few feet away, I seen my step sister standing there, waving like crazy before walking over to us. 

"Jieun?" I asked, "what are you doing here?"

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