Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is greatful
Love hurts
Love makes people crazy
Love never ever dies

A sequel to Beautiful!


21. Twenty one

*Caution!!!! Bad ending cause school attacked me and I didn't have the time to think of the perfect one, I'm sorry man I tried my best :(*


"Shopping, obviously," she said and she chuckled lightly. She shook Jungkooks hand and she smiled, "are you one of Jimin's friends? He doesn't have many," she said and I felt myself become embarrassed. 

"Noona, this is my boyfriend." I said and I looked down at my feet. "His name is Jungkook." 

"Ah, I knew it!" She said and a huge smile appeared on her face. "I'm Jieun, Jimin's step sister. Its nice to meet you." She stood back for a second and she looked at the both of us, a smile suddenly coming onto her face again. "You guys look good together." 

"Thank you," Jungkook said and he looked down at the ice cream tub he was holding in his hands. 

"You guys should come for dinner," Jieun said and I felt my eyes go wide, quickly shaking my head before Jungkook had the chance to speak. 

"Noons, I would love too.. But, me and Jungkook are moving tomorrow and we have to finish packing," I lied and I looked at the ice cream. "And we should probably head home before this melts, it was really nice to see you Noona, I promise I'll call you sometime," I say and I place my hands on Jungkook's back, trying to push him in the direction of the checkout. 

"Wait! Jimin I haven't seen you in do long, at least let me talk to you some more," she said and I moved my hands from Jungkook, looking over at her with a nod. "How's dancing?" 

"I don't anymore, the last time I danced was years ago," I said and I remember the night that I had been kidnapped for the first time, that was the last time I had ever danced. 

"Why'd you stop? You were so great at it," she said and I rubbed the back of my neck, trying to quickly fabricate a lie. 

"I just stopped because I wanted a break from it and I had never had the chance to get back into it," I said and I glanced over at Jungkook, seeing he was standing there with a smug look on his face. 

"I see," Jieun said and she looked at Jungkook for a second as well. "Where did you guys meet? I never seen him before," she said as she looked at me. 

"A hotel, he was staying with friends and I was staying across the hall, we met there," Jungkook smiled and tapped his fingers lightly against the tub. "We go way back." 

"Oh, he's never mentioned you," Jieun said and I looked around the store impatiently. "Why haven't you brought him home?" 

"Mom would kill me if she found out I had a boyfriend, plus its not like she's interested in seeing me," I said and I hooked arms with Jungkook. "We live together and I'm happy about that, we move far away tomorrow."

"Oh?" She begun, "to where?" 

"America," I say and I look over at Jungkook. "We worked really hard to save up the money, I worked two part time jobs and Jungkook worked too and we made the money." 

"Nice, hard work really pays off," she said and she smiles. "Are you ever going to visit home again, Jimin?" 

"Noona, I don't know. I don't have good memories there and I don't want to relive them," I said and I tugged at Jungkooks arm. "We really have to go, noona. I'm sorry, good bye," I said and I walked away with Jungkook. 


"Are you okay?" Jungkook asked, putting the tub of ice cream in the back seat. He shut the door and he got in the front, looking over at me with a look of concern. 

"I'll be fine, I just really wished I didn't have to see her," I said and I ran a hand through my hair. "Tomorrow can't come by soon enough," I said and I gripped onto Jungkooks hand, lacing our fingers together. I bite my lip and I rest my head against the window. 

"Are you sure you're alright? You dot seem yourself all of a sudden," Jungkook placed his hand on my hand and I looked over at him with a reassuring look. 

"I'm fine," I said and I looked away, feeling his hand bring my head back to look at him. "What? You don't believe me?" I asked and Jungkook shook his head. 

"I know when things are wrong, Jimin. I know how you feel about your adopted family and how you feel insecure around her, but I don't see why." Jungkook kissed the back of my hand and he looked at me with a huge smile on his face. "Park Jimin you are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen, the first time I seen you I became breathless, you're so beautiful. I never want you to look down upon yourself no matter what situation, you are perfect because you are you and everything about you is just amazing. I love you, Jimin." He smiled and he kissed my lips. 

"Thank you," I murmured. Feeling myself become slightly shy. "I love you too," I said and I kissed his cheek. "I don't know why I get like that." 

"You're hurt," Jungkook said as he started the car. "I'll help you feel better, I promise," he said and he winked at me. 

Back home we sat on the couch and dug into the tub of ice cream with two spoons. We decided to watch a movie as it was our last night in the house. I cuddled into Jungkooks side and I pulled the spoon from my mouth slowly. 

"I'm nervous in a way," I say and I take another scoop of ice cream. "But I know well be okay, because we have each other." I bite my lip and I stuff the spoon in my mouth. 

"Everything well be great," Jungkook said and he ruffled my hair. "It may take a while to adjust, but it will all be worth it in the end." 

I smile and I nod my head, "I just can't believe we are actually doing this, everything we want and it happens tomorrow." 

"Believe it, its happening," Jungkook said and he scooped some ice cream into my mouth. "This is the right choice, I can feel it." Jungkook sat up and set the tub of ice cream down on the table coffee table. "We've been through a lot, broken homes, constantly being compared to others, kidnappings, marriages. I'm ready to start living happily, I don't want to live in regret because I have never done the things I wanted to in life. Let's let everything go, Jimin and let's go to the place we can both call home." 

I am ending it here because my finals are starting soon and I'm going to be super busy. I want to end it now as if I continued it and left it for so long, I would loose my momentum for the story and I don't want that to happen. I feel like the full story should end here to avoid repititon of things happening in the story and I just plain out ran out of ideas. I am so thankful to those of you who have supported and read my story all the way through, it means so much to me and I want to thank you so so much. I will have more ideas with BTS ships that I'm excited to share and I'll work hard to make them the best I can, some times stories don't work for me, but this is the first story I've written in a while and completed in little time. Thank you again and please enjoy your day!

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