Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is greatful
Love hurts
Love makes people crazy
Love never ever dies

A sequel to Beautiful!


12. Twelve

"We are going to crash eventually!" I say and I sit up, looking out the window. I heard a car beep at us from the traffic light and I bite my bottom lip. "I'm so scared," I say and I grab the bar that was above my window for support. 

"Some one must have cut my breaks! They were working just fine yesterday!" Jungkook was freaking out, his eyes were wide and he was pulling off at random turns just to keep the car going through the town. 

"Jungkook your going to have to stop the car some how!" I grip on to the gear shift and I look over at him, "turn the car to the right, I'll put it in park. "Unless you want to dive into a ditch." 

"Just do it!" Jungkook yelled and he pulled the steering wheel to the right and I pulled the gear shift back to park. The car jolted to a stop and I looked over at him. 

"At least we're alive," I take a deep breathe and I pull out my phone. "I'll call a mechanic or something," I look up a number to a mechanic near by and I call them, letting them know were we were and what happened. 

"That's really weird," Jungkook said, opening the door so he could get out. I get out too and I help him pull up the hood of the car. "Hoseok?" 


"Do you think that it could be Taehyung?" He asks and I look over at him with furrowed eyebrows. "I mean, he beat me up, he hates me. Kidnapping Jimin, he loves him we both know that. Removing the breaks on my car so I'd get hurt, doesn't that seem like something he'd do?" 

"I don't know, he's not usually like that. He left, remember? He's not in town," I look down at the insides of the car and I look back over at Jungkook. 

"You never know, he left on a bus which I think is weird." He closed the hood of the car and he rested against it. "I know he's like your friend and I'm sorry for accusing him, but he could have potentially killed me that day, you even heard him. He said he wanted me dead and if you weren't there to stop him, he probably would have killed him." 

"I'm not saying that I don't believe you, it's just I've never ever seen this side of Taehyung before and it's so hard for me to process, I don't want him to be this way, I really don't." I sighed and I rested against the hood of the car as well. "I don't know if he's even crazy enough to do that." 

"Well, let's keep him up as an option, he's the most likely one... don't you think?" He folded his arms over his chest and he exhaled deeply. "I've been around these types of things before, he easily could have said oh I'm leavening, but in reality he stayed and he's watching our every move and he kidnapped Jimin as his plot of revenge." 

"Do you hear yourself right now?" 

"Hoseok, I'm not crazy, I have a fucked up life... I've already established this. Taehyung and Jimin were going to get married, I took him back and Jimin decided then that he rather be with me than him, things were going great and when Taehyung seen us together happy and smiling, he got angry. I'm standing by it weather you will or not," Jungkook stood up and he walked around the car, pulling his phone from the front seat. 

"Jungkook, if you say it's that way then I believe you... how do we catch him?" 

"I don't know yet, but when we find out... he'll pay."
We were sneaking around the sides of the bar, looking for anything that could be useful. To our luck how ever, there was nothing but loose cigarette butts and a few syringes which is kinda scary. 

"We found nothing," Jungkook pouts and he plopped down on the bench behind the bar. 

"Who ever this person is, they're careful," I say and I plopped down on the bench next to him. "There's got to be something here, I know this person was here!" I sighed and I looked down at my gloved hands. "Maybe we should just stop." 

"Stop? No! Hoseok I will never stop, that is the love of my life and your best friend, I don't care if we're here till five am... we have to find something as evidence, anything at all!" Jungkook looks at me, "I won't give up on Jimin, not now, not ever." 

I smile lightly, "you're perfect for him you know, patient cause Jimin is stubborn and lovable witch Jimin likes." I stood up from the bench and I nodded towards the front. "Lets go back to the front and look, I have my doubts that Jimin would have went around the bar, he's scared of the dark and there's no lights back here." 

Jungkook nodded and he stood up, following me to the front of the bar. We cut paths and begun our searches off in the bushes. Near the side of the bar, I found a pretty big rock, it was a nice rock too with white patches on it. I flipped the rock over and seen that it was coated in a red colour. 

"Jungkook!" I called out and I set the rock down so the red spot was facing up. "I think I found something." 

Jungkook came out from the other side of the bar, holding something in his hands. "I found something too," he said and he held up the blackface mask Jimin was wearing that night. "It was stuck under this hole next to the cement wall back there." 

"Put it in a plastic bag," I said and I pulled a bag from my sweater pocket, handing it over to him. "I found this rock and I flipped it upside down and found this, it looks like blood right?" I ask and Jungkook crouched down next to me to take a closer look. 

"It does," he bit his lip and he looked away from me for a second. "I'm sorry," he whispered and when he looked back at me, he had a few tears dripping down his face. "Put it in the bag," he said and he pulled another bag from my pocket, holding it open so that I could toss the rock inside. 

"I know this may be hard on you, Jungkook and I'm sorry for dragging you into it, but you seem to know your way around this stuff, you were my only option." I say and I seal the bag closed. I pulled off my gloves and I tossed them in a trash can next to us. "Let's call a cab to go check on your car," I say and I pull out a shopping bag, putting the two other bags inside so that no one would suspect anything weird. "We'll find him, Jungkook. I know it." 



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