Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is greatful
Love hurts
Love makes people crazy
Love never ever dies

A sequel to Beautiful!


13. Thirteen

"Pizza doesn't taste as good when Jimins not across from me with Pizza sauce on his cheek," Jungkook sighed and he tossed a slice of crust into an empty space on the Pizza pan. "At least I got my car working again," he said and he pulled out another piece. "This kind was Jimin's favourite.." 

"Cause he'd pick off the pieces of pepperoni and eat them first," I say and I see a smile form across Jungkooks face. "While eating a cup cake he eats the icing first and scoops it off with his finger," I smile and I take a bite from my pizza slice. "He's unique." 

"Totally," Jungkook tapped his foot lightly against the ground and he bit off the corner of his pizza. "He does this cute thing where he scrunches up him nose," He said and he took another bite of the pizza. "He's perfect." 

"He's a great guy," I said and I bite into the crust of the pizza. "I don't think Jimin has ever been so social," I sighed and I look at the bag sitting next to us. "After this, let's make our way to the police station and open up a file for this case. It's going to be odd that you're there since you kidnapped him the first time, but maybe you'll clear your name with them." 

"Maybe," he said and he plopped another piece of crust down onto the pizza pan. 

"Dude, that's the best part," I say and Jungkook looks at me with wide eyes. 

"Jimin says that every time too and he eats my crust as well," he sighed and he placed the uneaten piece of pizza in his hands back onto the pan. "I'm not hungry anymore, I'll wait for you to be done." He picked up his phone as it went off and I continued to eat my pizza. 

He looks up at me like he had seen a ghost and I pull the pizza away from my mouth, "what's wrong?" I ask and he turns his phone around, showing me a text that he had just received.... from Jimin's phone. 

"He has him." Jungkook said and he hit his fist against the table, "that.." he cut himself off when he seen a mother and her kid walking by our table, "bleeper.

"Are you sure?" I ask and Jungkook nodded his head vigorously. 

"I know he does cause when I got Jimin that night, he didn't have his phone on him. His phone was on the counter next to the fridge, he didn't take it with him so it was still at the house he shared with Taehyung. Now Taehyung is texting me acting like Jimin so he can get something from me, I'm telling you Hoseok, I know these situations, I've lived these situations, I have witnessed what they done from people and I'm not going to let this fucker get away with it. Finish your damn pizza so we can go to the police, right now." He turned his phone all the way off and he stuffed it into his pocket. "People also spy on you through phones and I'm not taking any chances with it." 

"You're smart, Jungkook," I said with my mouth full and I picked the bag up from next to me. "Lets go," I muffle out and I lead him out of the restaurant. "Why would he do this?" 

"I told you this, he hates me and he wants Jimin, but Jimin wants to be with me instead," he pulled open the driver side door and I walk around the car. I get in and I pulled on my seatbelt.

"This feels like a movie," I say and Jungkook nodded his head slightly. "You still have that video?" 

"Of course, I'm never getting rid of that, ever." I place the bag on my lap and I watch the cop station in front of us get closer and closer. "This makes me real nervous," I whisper and Jungkook shrugged his shoulders. 

"You didn't do anything wrong, the other day you swat at a fly and you told it you were sorry," Jungkook pulled off his seat belt and he looked over at me. "Isn't the first time I have been in jail, won't be the last when I get my hands on Taehyung." 

I get out of the car and I watch Jungkook get out as well. I breathed in deep and I followed him into the building. If we prove it to be Taehyung, what was the feeling going to be like? Was I going to be shocked? Would I just shrug it off.. I thought I knew him well, I thought we were friends, we were all friends.... but I guess love is more powerful than friendship. 

Now that I became pretty good friends with Jungkook, I see that the greatest people are often the ones that people would look down upon for their bad actions, and the evil ones will always be praised. Something sets everyone off, but I'm finally seeing people for who they really are. 

"Didn't you have a case with him a while ago?" The Seokjin asks Jungkook. 

He gulped and he rubbed the hair on the back of his neck, "yes sir, I did. I will be honest with you, I went for him again, but we made up, I didnt do anything wrong. I'm here to get him back because we know for a fact that some one kidnapped him." 

"Okay, sir, I believe you," he said and he continued to tap things into his computer. "By the way sir, what happened to your face?" 

Jungkook moved his hand up to his face to feel it, probably so caught up in this situation that he even forgot about getting beat up. "I was beat up by someone." 

"By who?" Seokjin asks.

"Kim Taehyung," I say and I set the bag down on the floor between my legs, "he's a friend of mine and Jimin's we think he took him." 

"You know, this is the most messed up case I have ever done.. things keep getting added onto it. Prince Charming here kidnaps someone, breaks out of jail, gets his ass brought back to jail by the person he kidnaps, he gets out and things go crazy again, he gets beat up, you have to stop this guy from murdering him, your friend gets kidnapped again and you  think the other friend that beat you up did it," Seokjin rubbed his face with both his hands and he sat back in his seat, folding his arms over his chest. "Well if you have things to say, say them now, I was on one of Jimin's cases, I'll gladly be on this one too." 

Officer Jin to the rescue!

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