Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is greatful
Love hurts
Love makes people crazy
Love never ever dies

A sequel to Beautiful!


10. Ten

A/N: The next few chapters, starting with this one will be in Hoseok's POV

~Hoseok's POV~

I pushed the door open to Jimin and Jungkooks house. Bursting through the door frantically and kicking off my shoes in a hurry. "JUNGKOOK!" I called out and I rushed up the stairs, seeing one door was open. I step inside, seeing Jungkook sitting up in bed, a look of confusion on his face. 

"Who the hell are you? You're not Jimin!" He said and he looked at the clock on the bedside table. "Where is, Jimin?" 

"I'm Hoseok, Jimins hyung and Jungkook, I am so so so so so so so so sorry! I don't know how many times I can say that, but there's been a huge problem." I say and I see a look of worry sprout across Jungkook's face. 

"What happened? You're really scaring me, Hoseok," Jungkook pulled the blankets back and he swung around his legs around so they were dangling off the side of the bed.  He placed his feet on the floor and he stood up, looking at me. 

"I don't know where Jimin went, we were in a bar, Jimin had this stupid plan to get money that I stupidly followed, he left after drugging this guy with sleeping pills that I put in his drink and he was gone for a long time, when I went out to find him, he was gone, your phone was left behind and the guy he was with was passed out asleep." I ran my hands through my hair and I pulled his phone from my pocket, handing it over to him. "I'm so sorry, Jungkook, it's my fault, I should have stopped him." 

He placed a hand on my shoulder and he wiped some tears from his face, "listen, Hoseok it's not your fault. I guess he learned it from me." Jungkook breathed deeply and he begun to pace back and fourth, running a hand through his hair in a stressful way. "Missing? What do you mean by that?" 

"When I got outside, he was gone, it was evident that he was there. Your phone was there," I bite my bottom lip, "maybe he wandered off?" 

"That's not like Jimin, he doesn't wander if your not with him because he's scared of getting lost, if anything he would have went back to the car. Something or someone must have taken him," Jungkook picked his phone up from the bed and he looked over at me. "Even when I kidnapped him, he'd never leave my side,he's just that kind of person." 

"Do you have any idea what could have happened to him?" I ask and Jungkook shakes his head frantically. 

"Fuck fuck fuck FUCK!" He said and he begun to jump around. "I'm freaking out, I don't know what's happening, I've never felt so panicked before," he said and he pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes. "I'll text Yoongi, maybe he's got him," Jungkook said and he begun to type on his phone. 

"I have no idea who it could be, Jimin doesn't know many people, I mean unless some one from the bar took him. I had a close eye on the door though and no one left the building or entered the building while he was outside. My best guess is someone followed us there, knew what was going to happen and took the chance he had to take Jimin. It has to be someone that we know, Jimin has a fear of strangers," I say and Jungkook nods in agreement. 

"You said that Taehyung left today, right?" Jungkook asks. 

I nod as my reply, "he stormed off actually, we were staying in a rental house. He packed all of his things and he left on a bus since I needed the car." 

"Yoongi hasn't seen him," Jungkook announced, tossing his phone down on the bed. "Jimin doesn't have his phone so there's no way with could track him because Taehyung has his phone and he hasn't given it back." He Plopped down on the bed and I took a seat next to him. 

"We have to find him," I say and I rest my arms on my knees. "I don't know how we'll find him, but I'll help you. I'm the only friend Jimin has that actually likes you." 

"Thanks, man. It means a lot," Jungkook said and he wiped more tears from his face. "I'll call around some places, you should really get home before it gets too late. If you think of anything, let me know, I'll be fine here and I want you to come back tomorrow so that we can file a police report of some sorts... I'm not letting this go so easily, I'm going to make sure that the person who did this pays for the crime they committed. I want my Jimin back," Jungkook said and I bite my bottom lip. Jungkook really did love Jimin. 

I nod and I got up from the bed. "I'll see you tomorrow, text me when you get up and I'll bring you coffee or something," I wave him good bye and I close the bedroom door on my way out. I walk down the steps and I look around the main floor for anything that would make me think outside of the box. 

I didn't really see much so I headed to the porch and I pulled on my shoes. I leave the house and I pull my keys from my pocket, getting into the car. I sit back in my seat for a while and I think long and hard. It wasn't this Yoongi person, wasn't Namjoon of course, it wasn't Taehyung cause he left, wasn't Jungkook or me, Who could it be? Seokjin was already a cop... all the people that Jimin knows are innocent. 

I sigh and I start the car, I pull on my seatbelt and I pull the car from the driveway. I keep my hands tightly onto the wheel and I focus on the street as I drive home. The guy was knocked out cold, so it couldn't have been him... unless he was faking it. How could he be two places at once though? 

Ah, head ache. I have a serious headache. 

Who could it be?

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