Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is greatful
Love hurts
Love makes people crazy
Love never ever dies

A sequel to Beautiful!


1. One

"Hello, Beautiful.... did you miss me?" Jungkook asks, placing one delicate finger on my lips. "You said some awful things about me the last time you seen me... are you sorry now?" He asked and I shoved his hand away from my face. 

"No! I'll never regret anything I said! I hate you Jeon Jungkook! I absolutely hate you! Your face makes me want to puke!" I hear the sound out his hand hitting the wall next to me and I flinch lightly. "Jungkook... you have to leave, you don't belong here." 

"We're grown now, Jimin. We learn to live and forget, right?" He said through clenched teeth and I rolled my eyes. "I done my time in jail, I put up no fights cause I wanted to come back and live with you." 

"You're an abuser!" I yell and I spit in his face. 

He wiped his cheek off with his sleeve and he chuckled lightly. "You've gotten more stubborn with age, huh?" He pulled a pair of handcuffs from his pocket and he shoved me up against the wall, cuffing my hands together. "Looks like we have to go all the way back to square one, and to think that I worked so hard on our relationship to come back and see that you're almost married," he laughed and he moved his body closer so that there was no gap between us two. "You think I have forgotten you saying I love you?" 

"Jungkook, get off me." I say and I use my body to shove him off. "I regret it!" 

He slapped me across the face roughly, "you want to act like a bitch? Okay Park Jimin, you're my bitch," he said and he stuck his tongue out at me. "I'm not going to fuck around with you, you should know your place by now," he said and he pulled me up on my feet. "I'll go pack some things for you and then we'll be off, okay?" 

"I'm not going with you!" I say and I move my hands against the cuffs, feeling the sharp metal edges cut into my flesh. I wince in pain and I hang my head down low, I looked up at him, seeing he was walking up the steps. Fighting was useless, I should have learned that from the first round... but I guess I didn't. I had tears pouring down my face as I lid down on the floor, pressing my cheek against the cold hard wood. "Taehyung, please come home," I whisper and I blink to clear some tears from the edges of my eyes. 

Jungkook returned minutes later with a duffle bag hung from his shoulder. He was carrying my passport in his hand, a huge smile coming across his face. "I think this time we should go far away from here, I'm sick of this place," he said and he stuffed the passport into the front pocket of the bag. "Come on Jiminie, we have errands to run and a hotel to find," he gripped my arm with one hand and he pulled me up on my feet. "The early bird gets the worm, am I right?" 

He tossed the duffle bag into the back seat of his car and he placed me inside, pulling the seat belt across my body. He went to kiss my cheek but I turned my head, feeling him grip onto my t shirt. "You'll get use to it again in no time, trust me." He slammed the car door shut and he walked around the car, getting into the drivers seat. "It feels like only yesterday that you nearly sped into something and killed us both." He chuckled and he pulled on his seatbelt, pulling back on the gear shift before pulling the car out of the driveway. 

"Why are you doing this to me?" I ask and I hear him chuckle. "You love me, I know! All this is so stupid!" I placed my head against the window and I breathed out deeply, looking at the fog forming on the window. 

"You're so in love with me," Jungkook laughed and he ran a hand through his hair, pulling off to a dirt road. "You remember the time we got a few wads of money from that guy?" 

"Jungkook, no!" I said and I felt my eyes gloss over with tears. "Turn around! I'm not doing it!" 

"Oh, but you are. I already agreed, you're not getting out of it just like that." He focused on the road and I begun to hit my forehead against the car window. "Jimin, knock it off before you get a concussion." 

"I hope it happens!" I say and I accidentally hit my head against the glass too hard. "Fuck!" I mutter and I wince in pain. "You told me so." 

"Obviously," he said with a smile on his face. "Have you ever did drugs before, Jimin?" 

"Well, that's a causal discussion topic," I mutter under my breathe and I adjust my seating position so I could be a little more comfortable. "If you sell me for drugs, I swear to god Jungkook I'll be so fucking done with you." 

Jungkook laughed, "no no, I don't swing that way." He turned to a left and he glanced over at me. "I asked cause I was just curious, a lot of people do them, do you know how much money we could get if we sell some?" 

"Jungkook, that's a bad idea. What the hell are you even thinking?" 

"Well, its better than killing people, right?" Jungkook pulled up outside of an old diner. There was a silver car parked a few spots next to us. An older man got out and Jungkook put a serious look on his face, "it's show time, let's do this." He whispered and he got out, greeting the man before walking around the car to get me from the passenger seat. "This is Jungmin," Jungkook explained and he led me over to the man. "He's cute right?" 

The man smiled at me, he was missing a few teeth and a heavy sent of cigarettes came off him. He handed Jungkook a few stacks and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders, moving in a little too close for my liking. "He's beautiful," he said and Jungkook nodded his head in agreement. 

There was a bit of silence, I felt the mans eyes gaze all over my body, his hand moving down my back. I watched Jungkook charge to the man and drive a knife into his chest. I felt blood gush up on my cheek and I watched the man look at me with fright before falling to the ground. 

"He shed his filthy blood on you," Jungkook said and he pulled a napkin from his pocket, wiping the blood from my face for me. "What a disgusting man," Jungkook said to himself. He set the napkin down on the ground and he lit it on fire. "Like it never happened," he said and he walked over to the car to get something. 

He returned with a pair of rubber gloves, he pulled them onto his hands and he gripped the man by his ankles, dragging him across the parking lot and into a pile of tall grass. He walked back over to me and he pulled off the gloves, tossing them off into the grass as well. "Mission complete, lets go get a hotel."


Some things never change ;)

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