Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is greatful
Love hurts
Love makes people crazy
Love never ever dies

A sequel to Beautiful!


9. Nine

"I can't believe you thought of this," Hoseok said as we drove down the street in the car. 

I gasp and I place a hand on my chest. "That's offensive, I am smart. I mean I came up this this idea, right?" 

"Well, yeah. It's a dumb idea but I understand. My lips are sealed," he gripped the steering while tighter and he glanced over at me. "Are you sure you want to do this? Cause if you want to back out I will." 

"No, I have to do this Hoseok," I say and I look over at him. "What happened between Taehyung and Jungkook was the clearest example that we just need to get out of here." 

"You don't really have to do this, I mean you could like get a job or something," Hoseok said and he tapped his fingers against the wheel. "It's just a suggestion." 

"That'll take too long," I whine and I pull the bottle out of my pocket, handing it over to Hoseok. "When I tell you the person, take their order and slip this into their drink. I have Jungkooks phone so I'll text you when you need to come get me." 

"Man, you really thought this out." 

"Well, yeah. You always need to have the perfect plan if you want to succeed. I don't really want to hurt anyone, the effects will ware off and it's not like I did anything wrong... besides take money." I shrugged and I sit back in my seat. "That's why I brought this," I say and I pull a face mask from my pocket, hooking the strings around my ears. "Now I'll be a bit unrecognizable." 

Hoseok laughed and he reached his hand over to pat my head, "what happened to my innocent Jimin?" 

"Hyung, I'm twenty five." I say and I push his hand away. 

His mouth drops and he glances over at me for a second, "you're twenty five?!" 


"Since when?!" 

"Since October you idiot, you're even older than me!" I chuckle lightly and I sit back in the seat, shaking my head back and fourth. "Oh my goodness, you give me a headache." 

"Then I've done my job," Hoseok says and he pulls the car into the parking lot of a bar. "I never thought I'd go back to work on my holiday," he said and he started to wipe fake tears away from his face. 

"I'm sorry, but you agreed to help me out," I pull off my seat belt and I look over at him with a serious look on my face. "Hung, are you ready to do this?" 

"I'm ready if you are, go for older men since they have more money. Why didn't you just get a sugar daddy? You won't have to put so much work into it," Hoseok said and he winked at me, almost making me barf. 

"No thank you," I say and I stick my tongue out in disgust. "I would never ever do that, never." 

"Mhm, wait until some money gets cut back and then do the talking." 

"Oh my god, Hyung, let's just go." I chuckle and I open the car door. I get out and I look over at him, seeing he was locking the car with his keys. 

"I'll go first so it doesn't look like we know each other," he turned and he walked away.

I watched him leave and I scuffed my foot against the ground. I walked away from the car and I walked towards the door. 

"Jimin..." I hear some one whisper. I look around and I let go of the door knob. I looked around the empty parking lot and I bit my bottom lip. "Jiminie.." 

"Jungkook?" I furrow my eye brows together, memories from a few years ago coming back to me. "H-hello?" 

I walked off to the side of the bar, walking through the thin passage ways. "Hello?!" I called out, but no one was there to answer me. I found it weird cause I knew I heard it, I knew it was there. 

I bite my bottom lip and I walk back over to the door. I could hear music booming from the inside of the bar, I shook my head and I open the door. I walk into the bar and I walk through the people, I noticed that Hoseok was behind the bar at the back of the club, talking and laughing with a few people that were sitting in front of him. I looked at the people sitting there and I moved a little closer, resting my arm against the table of an empty booth. 

I picked a man that looked like he could potentially have a lot of money and I waved my arms in the air so that I could get Hoseoks attention. When he looked at me, I pointed to the guy sitting directly in front of him, I see him nod and I bit down on my bottom lip, watching as Hoseok turned to make the drink. 

I looked around the area, making sure that no one was watching Hoseok, but everyone was in their own little world.. even the man that I had chosen was busy talking to some one next to him. Between the weird whispers and this feel plan, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I see Hoseok turn back around and place the cup in front of the guy, he begun to talk to him and he pointed off in my direction. 

The man with the drink turned to see what Hoseok was pointing at and he quickly thanked him before walking over to me. 

"You didn't have to buy me a drink," the guy said and I laced my hands together in front of me, putting on an act of shyness. 

"Well, I wanted too," I say and I looked up at him with innocent eyes. "What's your name?" I ask him and I watch him take another swig of the whisky in his cup. 

"My name is Jaeseok," he said and he looked my body over quickly. "What's your name?" 

"Jungmin," I lied and I ran a hand through my hair. We stood there for a few moments, an awkward silence coming over us. I watched him finish off the drink and I twiddled my thumbs. "Jaeseok, lets go outside," I whispered in his ear. I pulled the glass out of his hand and I set it down on the table. I took his hand tightly into mine and I led him through the bar and over to the main door. 

"We don't even know each other yet," Jaeseok said and I let out a chuckle, pulling him outside. 

"Who says we have to know each other?" I ask and I shut the door. I look around the empty parking lot and I placed my hands up on his shoulders. "Have you ever heard of love at first sight?" I asked and I watch him yawn. "Well, I didn't think I was that boring," I say and I move away from him, folding my arms over my chest. 

"No, no," he said and he placed a hand on my cheek. "You're no where near boring, I just... I just got really tired," he said and he yawned again. "Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep, I don't know, but let's keep going." 

"Going where?" I asked and I looked up at him with a smirk on my face. I adjusted my face mask and I hum lightly. "You're eyelids seem to be getting heavy, Jaeseok, you're always asleep," I say and I gently rub my hand against his arm. I feel his body begin to gently sway, "goodnight," I whisper and I gently ease his body to the ground. 

I crouch down and I pulled his shirt up slightly, I grab his wallet from his pocket and I open it, pulling out the few bills that were in there. I slip them into my back pocket and I put his wallet back where I had found it. I pull Jungkooks phone from my pocket and I open up Hoseoks contact, beginning to type a message. 

I hear foot steps and I stop texting, looking around the area to see if there was anything there. I felt something hard hit my head, pain was shooting through my body and before I could even process what happened, I felt my body hit the ground. 


When I opened my eyes, the deja vu became too too real. A dark lit room with one single light on me, the sound of a faucet dripping echoing off the empty walls. My body restrained and tied to a chair. 

"H-hello?" I called out, I wasn't going to cry this time, I've been through this before. I can handle it. 

I heard someone chuckle and I swear it sounded so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Who's voice was that? Why does it sound so familiar? 

"This is the only way you can bring you to love some one, huh?" I heard and I bite my bottom lip, my eyes glossing over with tears. "You hurt me so so bad." 

I said that this story wasn't going to be as long as the first one but its probably going to be a bit longer

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