Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is greatful
Love hurts
Love makes people crazy
Love never ever dies

A sequel to Beautiful!


15. Fifteen

~Jimin's POV~

I heard a rustling in the darkness and my eyes slowly fluttered open. So this was day two and I already felt so drained. 

My head was bandaged and there was a cut going across my cheek since I had talked back, which I shouldn't have. 

The room was cold and it made my cheeks turn a bit purple. It cut through each layer of clothes I was wearing and burned at my skin like fire. 

"You're awake," he whispers and he walked over into the light, hands moving up to peel the bandaid away from his face. "We need to kill him," he whispered to me and he chuckled lightly. "If we don't, who knows what will happen to you." 

"You need to stop!" I yelled and I felt tears begun to fall down my face. "Give it a rest already, he did nothing to you." 

"Shut up Jimin!" He yelled and he pulled a knife from the table next to me, holding it above his head. 

"STOP!" I sobbed out, looking up at him with fright. I seen his arms swing towards me and I shut my eyes tightly, moving my head to one side so that there was no way he could get my face. My breathing rate quickened durastically and I looked to the side, seeing the knife was sticking out from the side of the chair. 

"He took you away from me! He kidnapped you, he almost killed you yet he's the guy you want?! I try everything in the world to make sure you have the perfect life and this is how you treat me back, I love you Jimin. If this is the only way to get you to love me back, so be it." He pulled the knife from the chair and he held it up to my neck. "If we killed him there would only be us two, right?" 

"T-taehyung.." I whispered and I felt him grab my hair. "I want you to let this go, let me go. There's seven billon people or more on this planet." 

"But there's only one of you," he whispered and he climbed up on the chair, wrapping his arms around my body. "Don't you miss this, Jimin? Don't you miss me?" He asked and he combed his fingers through the hair on the back of my head. "You're like a drug, a little bit of you isn't enough to ever satisfy my craving," he whispered in my ear, his lips lightly traveling along my neck. "I'm addicted." 

"Stop," I said and I blinked away some tears on my face. "I don't know what to tell you, I don't want to be in this relationship anymore." 

He laughed and he got off, running a hand through his hair. "You say you don't love me, but you agreed to marry me?" He rolled his eyes and he gripped the chair, pulling the chair up on its front legs. "I think your lying to yourself Jimin." He chuckled and he dropped the chair back down on all fours, his hands traveling over my things. "I think your indoused with Stolkhom Syndrome, a kidnapper? You can do better than that street rat."

"He treats me well, Taehyung!" I yelled at him and I felt him slap me. "By doing this your just as worse as him, at least he admits he was wrong." 

"Eat those words!" He said suddenly and he gripped my throat. "I'm nothing like him, you've got to be joking with me." He let my throat go and he placed the palms of his hands on the table, resting his body back and tilting his head lightly to the side. "Commiting adultery is illegal." 

"Well I gave you the ring back, I told you I didn't want to be with you anymore. Its done, I want to go home and I don't want to be anywhere near you ever again, you're the real Monster Taehyung and you're too dumb to realize that you are." I bite my lip and I look up at him, drawing my lips to a tight line. "You can't force some one to love you." 

"You do," he said and he pulled his phone out from his pocket to check his messages. "Your friends are an annoying bunch, aren't they?" He chuckled and he set his phone down. "Hoseok thinks he's so clever, he thinks he knows me, but he doesn't." He placed his hands on the arms of the chairs, leaning in to look at me. "Jungkook is too clever for his own good I think. That's why we should get rid of him." 

"No! Taehyung! Don't you dare do anything to him!" I yelled and I watched him stand back. 

"You think you'll see him again, but you won't. We'll get married Jimin, like you wanted too." He dropped the wedding ring on my lap and he smiled lightly. "The police won't figure anything out," he said and he took my phone from his back pocket. "They think they have something on me, they don't!" He yelled and he threw my phone against the cement floor as hard as he possibly could. "I'll make sure you're never found." 

"I want to get out of here, I don't want to be here with you. You scare me!" I thrash around in the chair, feeling my head throb in pain, but that didn't stop me, I kept going.

Taehyung watched me in amusement and he kicked my phone to one side. "Have a good sleep, won't you?" He said and he picked his phone up from the table, slipping it into his pocket. "Just a little longer and well get out of here, the people here know too much." 

"I get what you're doing, Taehyung." 

"Oh yeah? What am I doing, Jimin? Tell me. What am I doing." He said and he sat up on the table. "Cause the only thing I think I'm doing is keeping you safe from that jerk. I love you Jimin, I'm not going to let you just fall from my grasp. You made a commitment, follow through." 

Taehyung is kinda hard to write this way for me because he's actually so nice in RL 

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