Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is greatful
Love hurts
Love makes people crazy
Love never ever dies

A sequel to Beautiful!


18. Eighteen

Jungkook and I headed towards the house bright and early. The sun wasn't even up yet which was kind of ironic. He brought a pack back full of supplies and I hid a pocket knife onto the belt loop of my pants. 

I tell Jungkook the directions and I let out a huge yawn. I wasn't able to sleep last night, just thinking about everything that I witnessed. Poor Jimin, I couldn't watch it and I certainly wouldn't be able to live like that. I couldn't imagine what he must have been going through. 

I ran a hand through my hair and I picked a coffee cup up from the cup holder, taking a drink of it before putting it back. Coffee usually made me feel awake, but today the coffee was just bland, it just tasted like tap water with sugar and milk. 

When we get to the house, I tell Jungkook to park a little ways down the road so that no one would suspect us. I got out of the car with him and I looked over at him. "Are you ready to do this?" I ask. 

"I was born ready," Jungkook replied and he slipped his hands in his pockets. "Are you ready?" He asks and I nodded my head in response. 

"Its no or never, Jimin won't rescue himself," I say and I lead him up the street and into the driveway of the house. I walked up the front steps and I gripped onto the door knob. I twisted it, but it wouldn't budge. "Its looked." I state and Jimin pulls a butter knife out of the side pouch of his pocket. 

"You always come prepared," he said and he slid the utensil between the crease of the door and the door frame. At the right time he pulled the door open and we both made our way inside the building. "That trick works every time," he whispered and he put the butter knife away.

I closed the door behind us and I looked into the house. It looked like people hadn't lived in it for years. We heard the notes of a piano being played and I looked over at Jungkook with wide eyes. 

"Come in, I knew your guests would come," Taehyung called out. 

Jungkook hesitantly stepped in front of me and he lead us into the living room where Taehyung was sitting at a piano. 

"Took you enough time," he chuckled and he kept playing chords on the piano. "Youd usually think that guests to your wedding would show up on the right date and Time... But you didn't even read the invitation." 

I bite my bottom lip and I move my hand to my side, gripping onto the pocket knife with my hand. "What wedding, Taehyung? You mean the one that you made up in your mind?"

"Ah, Hoseok, always so full of jokes, huh?" He asked and he banged his fists against the keys on the piano, making this loud and eery sound come from it. "You know we were such good friends not too long again." 

"Guess who ruined it," I said and I watched him turn around to face us.

"Which do you like better, Kim Jimin or Park Taehyung?" He asked and I gripped onto Jungkooks arms so he wouldn't charge at him. 

"They both sound awful," Jungkook muttered and he moved against my grasp. "You're a dead son of a bitch, Taehyung. Give me my god damn boyfriend back or this will get ugly." 

"Your boyfriend?" Taehyung laughed and he shook his head, standing up from the piano bench. "I only live with my fiance, he's very loyal to me," he stated and I felt myself get ticked off. 

"Why won't you just accept that things aren't going to work out between you two?" I ask and Taehyung looks at me with a confused look. 

"I beg your pardon? Things are going grwta between us," he said and I felt Jungkook burst out of my grasp and pounce on him. 

"Don't play dumb!" Jungkook yelled and he pressed Taehyung's face against the hardwood floors. "You really think he's going to marry you? Your acting like a knock off brand version of the old me." He says and he presses Taehyung's face into the ground harder. 

Taehyung laughed and he shoved Jungkook off him. "You think you're a match to me? Wasn't I the one who sent your lousey ass to the hospital?" 

Jungkook shoved him off and he stood up on his feet. "I can fight, I've lived with no house for a lot of months, you learn a thing or two while you're on the streets." He said and he gripped Taehyung's collar, slamming his body down over the table. 

I watched in a shocked way and I let go of the pocket knife, way hung as Jungkook cracked his knuckles and walked back over to me. "I'm not a whimo," Jungkook stated and I grabbed the butter knife from Jungkooks bag, heading over to the basement door. 

"You think you're so clever?" Taehyung said and I bite down on my botoom lip, turning to see that Taehyung had a gun in his hands, pointing it at Jungkook. "You have any last words?" taehyung asked and I watched as Jungkook held his hands high up in the air... In defeat. 

I watched closely, seeing Taehyung's finger snake around the trigger. I looked at the butter knife in my hands and I ran towards him, driving the butter knife right into his back.

I stepped backwards and I let go of the knife, watching as Taehyung fell to the ground. I pulled out my phone and I called the police and ambulance before heading over to the basement door with Jungkook. 

"Thanks for having my back," Jungkook said and he pushed the basement door open. He traveled down the steps and I followed him, seeing Jimin was still tied to the chair. 

When he seen us, tears immediately begun to fall down his face, Jungkook had tears pouring down his face too and I had to look away, or I'd cry too. 

Jungkook untied him and immediately pulled him in for a hug. They were like that for a few moments, until we heard the sirens outside. I lead them up the steps and I took in a deep breathe, looking back at Jimin with a look of happiness on my face. 

"Its all over now, Jimin." 

"All over?! Do you realize what your doing?" Taehyung asks. I look over to my side and I see Taehyung there with a gun in his hand. The officers were banging on the locked door and I took a step back. 

"Why do this, Taehyung?" I say and as he placed his finger on the trigger, everything went in slow motion for me. All I could feel was pain, every noise I heard before got drained out. 

Few more chapters to go!

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