Too late

Nature is being destroyed by human activity, we should cherish it before its gone forever.


1. Too late

The concrete feels wrong beneath my toes,

It's rough surface is unnatural, foreboding,

But all the grass is gone, there's nothing left now,

No grass, no flowers, no trees...nothing.


I'm all alone in a lifeless world,

Nothing can grow through the destruction,

It's too late but they can't even see,

They're too busy with likes, followers, fake friends.


Can't they see the wilted flower, the bleeding tree?

Can't they see the polluted sea, the barren grass?

Can't they see the ice that's melting?

Can't they see? Or don't they care?


I'm sorry my love, I cannot save you,

The world is dead, it will never thrive,

Through no fault of our own, you will never see a flower,

Never experience the true beauty we have now destroyed,

For it is lost forever...

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