Forever Friends.

Rebecca Mader and Lana Parrilla are sisters in Heaven, on Earth they aren't. What happens when something terrible happens and they don't know how to get on with their lives. Will they remain friends.


5. Chapter %

Told you I would update eventually. I know it's August but I'm going to update because I'm in a good mood. 


I bent down and kissed Lana's head. She squeezed my hand as the needle went in.

"Bex, I'm not ready to become a mother."

"You'll do fine Lana."

"Don't leave me"

"I won't"

A searing pain ripped across my body and I nearly fell. Marcus picked me up and carried me to a chair. He knelt down and put his forehead against mine.

"Are you okay Bex?"

"Yes I'm fine. I think it's time. Lana, I'm sorry but my baby's coming. Michaela is coming."

"Don't leave me Bex!"

"Michaela's coming Lana!'

"She's too early. So is Sheridan, don't leave me!"

The nurse came in with a wheelchair and carried me away. Marcus ran close to me and held my hand. He squeezed and I squeezed back. God had fixed our mistake but I was fixing to get punished for that. I would give birth early and without medication.


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