Forever Friends.

Rebecca Mader and Lana Parrilla are sisters in Heaven, on Earth they aren't. What happens when something terrible happens and they don't know how to get on with their lives. Will they remain friends.


2. Chapter Two


"I walked into the living room to find Lana just sulking on the couch. She was covered with a blanket and was drinking from a bottle of wine. I walked in and threw the wine in the garbage. She looked at me glumly and started crying again.

“Bex what’s the meaning of life?”

“Right now it’s staying strong and raising your baby. Whose child is she?”

“I don’t know. Mine right now. What are you going to do with Sean and your baby?”

“I don’t know Lana. All I want to do is take you home with me.”

“Go home but I’m not going.”

“No Lana, HOME with GOD. You don’t remember?”

“No Bex, I don’t remember. But sometimes I want to go home too. But we can’t. We have children to raise.”

I sit on the couch and Lana rest her head on my lap. She wraps her hands around her little girl. I place a hand on my sister’s head and place a hand on my little girl. Lana’s quiet and the only noises in the house are the music and the sound of our beating hearts.

“Have you picked out a name?”

“I don’t care.”

“Lana you can’t act like this"


"Yes I can and I will."

"Lana what has gotten into you?"

I stroke Lana's hair and keep a hand on my little girl. I feel Lana's body shake as she cries. She just sobs and I want to sob as well. I wipe away my tears and Lana lifts up her head. She sits up and places a hand over her belly. I smile and she smiles back.

"What will happen to our children if we were to go home now?"

I try to think about the answer. The truth was buried inside my mind but I couldn't remember. 

"The hall of unborn children, if the parent is alive when the baby dies before it's born. I can't remember."

"Oh then I don't want to go."

"Lana do you want to go home?"

"Yes and no. I don't want to lose my baby."

"We have a dillema."

I stand up and help Lana stand. I wrap my arms around her. As we share the bitter sweet moment, a knock comes to the door. Lana looks up at me and I shrug my shoulders. We just stand in her living room and hug. The four of us just standing and spreading the love. Sean's muffled voice comes from behind the door.

"Lana open up. Please let me in. I can't find Bex, she isn't at home."

Lana looked up at me. I shook my head and whispered.

"Don't let him in. Don't you dare let him in."

Lana let go of me and walked to the door. She opened it a crack and stared at Sean. I positioed my body behind a column and hid from Sean. I could hear every word. I placed two hands over my stomach and felt my daughter stir in my womb. I slipped down to the floor and closed my eyes. I imagined what it would be like to raise a baby in Heaven, to give birth to my daughter in Heaven. 

-----------Day Dream-----

The pearly white gates open and I step through them. My wings expand out behind me and I take one flap upwards. I have a hand over my white dress and ever expanding belly. I see the streets of gold below me as I fly towards the Chamber of the Dead. I fly in and sit at God's feet. He opens his hand and I fly up to sit with him. He carefully flucks off my wings and replaces my golden  halo with a silver crown. He smiles at me and gently touches my huge belly with his finger. I feel pressure on my abdomen and look down to find.....

-------End of Day Dream----

I stop daydreaming and listen to Lana and Sean still talking.

"Can I come in?"


"Why not?"

"You have a girlfriend and a baby to care for."

"I can't find Rebecca. I think she's here. She is isn't she?'

"No she isn't here. She went home before I found the papers."

"She isn't at home."

"Then maybe she's dead. Maybe she's out in the town."

Lana slams the door in Sean's face and then comes to find me. I look up at her from my spot and smile. She extends her hand and helps me stand.

"Bex you just found out you were pregnant and you're so heavy."

"I'm four months pregnant and you're almost five. So you're heavier than me."



Lana helps me stand and I stumble. She steadies me and we walk into the kitchen. I sit down at the bar and Lana pours us some non alcoholic drinks. She hands me my drink and sits down across the bar from me. She then grabs a plate of cookies from her fridge and we just stare at each other. 

"Bex, tell me about home. Tell me about Heaven. I still don't believe you but I want too. When I met you, I thought I had met you somewhere before. I do remember. God also gave me the gift of sight. I just was afraid. Tell me about it. He only gave me the ability to recognize you."

"First off you're my sister. Secondly, what do you want to know?"





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