Forever Friends.

Rebecca Mader and Lana Parrilla are sisters in Heaven, on Earth they aren't. What happens when something terrible happens and they don't know how to get on with their lives. Will they remain friends.


3. Chapter Three

""I'm your sister! How is that even possible? We don't look the same and we don't have the same heritage."

I could tell that Lana was a bit confused. My head was a bit foggy and I couldn't quite remember. I guess it was the baby mixing up all my hormones. Just as I was about to start explaining everything to Lana full blast God filled my heart with the truth and the memories began flooding my head. My mind raced, I was transported from Lana's kitchen onto a private isle. Crystal clear water swirled around the sandy beach. It was a really small island. The sun shone high in the sky and began descending. It burnt the sand as the sun landed beside me. It instantly transformed into a beautiful figure with six white wings and a golden halo. The figure wore a white dress and it's golden hair hung about it's shoulders. It reached out for my hand and whispered

"I'm sure you don't remember me but...."

"I know who you are. You're the angel Gabriel. You and I used to sit and talk before I was born. Why have you come?"

"Don't tell Lana anything and follow my exact instructions."

"Why can't I?"

"Go to Sean, take Lana with you. Name your children. Then get into YOUR car and drive along the beach."


"Rebecca just do as you're told."

The angel transformed back into the sun and ascended back into the day time sky. The dream ended and I was still sitting in the kitchen with Lana. She stared at me as I broke from my gaze.

"Bex? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Do you want to come with me to Sean's?"

"You were just about to tell me about our life before our births."

"Come with me to Seans and we'll pick out names for our daughters. Then we'll go the beach route for a bite to eat."

"Okay. Let me just go change."

Lana left the kitchen. I felt weird, I placed a hand over my womb and stood up. I walked over to the sink and looked out the window into Lana's backyard. A few minutes later she came downstairs in her Star Wars sweatshirt and wearing a pair of tights. She wore her converse sneakers. Her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She had a shirt and a pair of leggings in her hands. She handed me a pair of green converse.

"I thought you might want to change into something more comfortable. Let's be honest, we both feel like crap today."

"Yeah, you know me sis."

Yeah I do."

I kissed her cheek and walked into her guest bathroom. I took off my shirt and my jeans. I took off my shoes and pulled the green t-shirt over my head. I then pulled up the leggings and tied the sneakers. I pulled my red hair back into a ponytail and opened the bathroom door. Lana stood there with her carkeys and smiled at me.

"I was thinking we would take my car."

"You wanna take mine."

"Nah, come on."

Lana pushed me out the door and then we climbed into her car. She started the engine and pulled out of her driveway.

"So where are we going to eat?"

"Redondo Beach. They have the wonderful restaurant on the pier, overlooking the ocean. It's breathtaking. It's where Marc and I met."

"Oh Bex, do you really want to go there?"


        Lana kept driving until we got to Sean's. He wasn't home. So we sat out in the driveway and discussed options. Nevermind, in actuality we discussed what we would name our daughters. 

"So what are you calling the lil munchkin?"

"I don't know. What goes good with Mader?"

"I know what I'm calling my daughter. And I know who the dad is."


"Fred. We were drunk, we were divorced and feeling lonely. So we hooked up but..."

"Lana what aren't you telling me?"

"Fred died in a car accident today. I heard about it while you were changing."

I gave my best friend a hug and she wiped away her tears. They had known each other for eight nearly nine years. They had been friends for as long I as could remember. So we sat in silence for a few moments.

"I'm naming my daughter Sheridan Maria Parrilla."

"That's beautiful. I think I'm going to name mine Michaela Dawn Mader."

"Rebecca, she's going to be the best lil girl in the world."

Lana started the car and pulled out of Sean's driveway. A sudden realization came over me. Sure the DNA said Sean was the baby's dad but I hooked up with Marcus once more after Sean and I broke up. Lana and I each held dirty little secrets from each other. She drove along the beach and then it hit literally and physically hit us. The car hit us and I blacked out.

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