Forever Friends.

Rebecca Mader and Lana Parrilla are sisters in Heaven, on Earth they aren't. What happens when something terrible happens and they don't know how to get on with their lives. Will they remain friends.


1. Chapter One

I honestly didn’t know what to do anymore. I was alone and afraid. The world just beat me down so far and so much and this thing that lies in front of me was the last straw. I needed to clean my self up and get a steady job… I needed to get myself together and I needed to find the person responsible for all of this. Maybe just maybe I could figure my life out before my time runs out. Wait let me stop and actually introduce myself. I can tell you are so confused. Maybe I should start from the very beginning.

I raised my head up and stared at Mr. Carlyle. I wondered what he was doing talking to a woman like me. He never came to see me at all anymore…. No further back… let’s start at my beginning.

It was the perfect day in Heaven. My sister Lana and I were dancing about in the streets with our silver shoes and white gowns. My golden halo shone above my red curls and my ice blue eyes were so brilliant. Life was perfect then and yet my life was about to begin again. Lana and I were walking down David Road and talking to each other back and forth. We were talking about who would be born soon. We knew we were sisters but we still hadn’t decided which one of us would go first.

“Bex, I think you’ll go first. I’m younger than you. The Lord created thee before he created me.”

“Lana, nonsense. We could be twins.”

“Bex, you and I are not from the same descent.”

“You mean we could just end up being best friends.”

“Or married, look at all what’s going on down there.”

Lana and I went up to the gates and looked down below. People were walking all over that magnificent Earth. Then, I could see a newborn baby boy cry and I knew who he was. I poked Lana and pointed my finger at him. One thing that you get from being an angel is you can foresee the future. Lana looked and she found another boy about ten who looked… Her eyes widened and she smiled.

“What is it Lana?”

“We both just found our happy endings!”

What Lana didn’t know that Alfredo DiBlasio might marry her but he would soon leave after ten years of being or even dating her? Lana didn’t see the newborn baby boy come out. His name was Sean Maguire and he would marry my best friend.

“ Look isn’t Alfredo majestic?”

“Lana, he’s ten we’re zero’s. Our time hasn’t even begun counting.”

“Bex, look at him! His name is Marcus Kayne and he looks brand new as well.”

“Lana you’ve always liked older men.”

Lana and I turned away from the cloud window and walked down the street of gold. I thought that Lana and I would never be separated but I thought wrong. I wouldn’t see her for many many many years. I would see her again and meet her for the first time in thirty-six years. Lana and I would work together on a TV show and our relationship would never be the same.

It seemed like an eternity later I was summoned by God to present myself to the chamber of living beings. I was with Lana as usual when that booming voice came on inside my head and I was fearful. I didn’t want to live; I wanted to stay with my best friend forever. Lana and I were inseparable and yet…


I turned to Lana and did not want to tell her the news. I just asked her if she wanted to fly. We opened our wings and we flew. I would ignore that voice for as long as I could. A few hours later when Lana and I took our afternoon nap, I decided it was best to go ahead and accept my fate. I flew to the chamber and landed at the feet of God. He smiled at me and opened his hand. I knew that I would sit in his hand. He would give me instructions and blow me away. I would go through a tunnel and be transformed. I would be a squealing little baby. My red hair and ice blue eyes would be no more.

“ God, can I ask you something?”

“Yes Rebecca you may ask as many questions as you wish.”

“Can I say goodbye to my best friend and bring her with me?”

“No she can’t yet but she is allowed to watch. Lana Maria Parrilla’s time will come shortly. You won’t meet for many years.”

“I know I’ll miss her.”

I flew back to my house and Lana was sitting waiting. I grabbed her hand and hugged her. I dragged her with me to the chamber and flew up into God’s hand.

“Bex, what’s happening?”

“Lana, it’s my time. I shall miss you.”

I knew God was watching when we hugged and kissed each other’s cheek. He watched two best friends get separated for the first time in eternity. It was time for me to go and I didn’t want to loose my friend.

“God what time and year is it?”

“It’s 5:52am on April 24,1977 and you are going to a good home. You are blue eyed and have the rare red hair. I know you will have a good life. You will get bullied and you might get over weight. You will have pimples but once you reach twenty your life will be perfect and you’ll be an amazing actress.”

He took my memories away but he didn’t take all of them. He never makes mistakes he did on purpose he gave me the gift of sight. God gave me the greatest gift and I would know Lana anywhere. I would know her even if she looked completely different. She’s my sister and nothing can change that.

Going through that tunnel and walking towards the light was an amazing thing. I knew that I was slowly changing and slowly getting older each second that I moved. I was close to the light and I reached the end. I looked down and I was a baby. My life had been changed for the better. I still missed Lana; I missed her with every ounce of my being. The next thing I can remember is a hand lifting me out of a fleshy hole.

The hands were so cold and so I was. My lungs were full of water and I screamed because it hurt. No sound came out, only baby cries. I suddenly thought of all my poor friends up in Heaven that had to go live in the Chamber of Unborn babies for the rest of eternity. Those friends had been taken by abortion and I was glad that I was actually wanted. In the hall of the Unborn no friends were made and no sound was uttered.

The cold hands held me and began to clean this sticky substance of my body. I was so tiny and so cold. I was cleaned and wrapped in warm pink blankets. I was placed in warm arms and heard a voice whisper sweet words. It was my mother.

“Look at her, she’s so beautiful.”

“Yes, she is a gorgeous baby.”

“What should we name her?”

I giggled because I already knew my name. I was new to this world and yet I knew everything about it. I looked around looking for Lana. All I could see was my mother and my father. Doctors were everywhere and I was scared. I cried and cried and cried. I wanted my best friend. I didn’t want this miserable little life. Looking at the world with all new eyes. I couldn’t wait thirty-six years to meet her. I couldn’t and I refused too. Maybe, if I didn’t eat and if I kept crying God would end this miserable life. He didn’t and I’m sure glad he didn’t.

When I was five, I received a dog for my birthday. She was the best dog in the world and I named her Rose. Rose was an okay dog but she wasn’t going to last for long. She died when I was seven and for my eighth birthday I received another animal. She was a cat and I named her Lana. Lana was a tortoise shell cat with gray fur. She was a good cat but it made me miss my best friend even more.

Thirty-six years came and went. I went through bullying and obesity. I moved to a new country and became an actress. I stared in many movies and even more TV shows. Then in 2013 I was cast for the role of Zelena on OUAT. The role had been written specifically for me. Zelena had red hair and ice blue eyes. Zelena was the perfect role for me and I was happy. The day that I first went to play my new role; a young lady with the brownest eyes and the darkest hair greeted me on set. I couldn’t believe my luck. I knew who she was almost instantly and she knew me.

“Hello, I’m Lana Parrilla. Pleasure to meet you.”

“Hi, I’m Rebecca Mader but you can call me Bex. The pleasure is all mine.”

I extended my hand and expected her to shake it but instead I received a hug and I hugged back. She was always so much shorter than me. I had waited thirty-six years for this.

“I’m sorry, I’m a hugger.”

“I don’t really mind. It’s nice to see you again.”

Lana took a step back and gasped. She finally recognized me for who I was or so I expected.

“Oh, I know you. We did meet once. It was so long ago. We were or I was just starting out and we met on Lost. You played Charlotte and I played a minor role.”

“Yes, I do remember that now.”

I went to sit in my seat and I watched her act while I prepared for my time on the green screen. Zelena was getting ready for her first appearance and I was emotionally prepared for that.

Over the next few months Lana and I spent a lot of time together. It was almost just like old times but in a sense it was still so much different. I remember one conversation.

“So Bex, what do you like to do in your spare time?”

“I like science fiction and that stuff. I’m a bit of a dweeb like that.”

“Well, I like pepperoni and mushroom pizza. I also enjoy speaking with my fans.”

“I love chocolate and tea. I actually watched OUAT while I wasn’t playing the role of Zelena.”

“I love chocolate as well. It’s the best thing in the world.”

“Yes, just like friendship.”

“Friends are better though!”

“ Yes, friends are the best things in the universe.”

That was six years ago and now we are both forty-two. I stare at the thing that lies in front of me on the counter. I hold my phone in my other hand and get ready to call Lana. I call her when just about anything happens. I knew she would possibly never forgive me for the deed that lies in front of me. She was engaged to the other person who helped create the sin. Sean and Lana had been engaged for about two weeks and Sean and I had been dating each other before then for three years.

Three years ago when season six was in it’s second half of the season something came up. Sean and Tanya realized that they weren’t in love with each other anymore. Sean was in love with somebody else and it was time to get a divorce. After the season ended Lana divorced her husband and the cast knew that those two lovebirds would end up getting married eventually. They didn’t and in fact Sean and I started dating. Marcus and I had been engaged for two years and in December of 2016 I broke off the engagement. Sean and I started dating up until three months ago. We broke each other’s hearts on December 31,2018 and Sean went and proposed to the real love of his life. Lana Maria Parrilla was asked to marry Sean Michael Martin Maguire and she said yes.

All those years ago up in Heaven when Lana and I were still zeros I remember us looking through the window clouds and we both saw Sean, Fred and Marcus. We both knew that we would end up with one of the three men and we weren’t so sure. I was positive that I would end up with Marcus and Lana end up with Sean. But, staring at the phone and the positive pregnancy test in front of me. I realized that up in Heaven there must have been another man waiting for me.

“ Lana, please pick up the phone.”

“Hi Bex, is something wrong?”

“Yes, Lana something is terribly wrong. I’m pregnant.”


“I guess so.”

I could hear Lana’s little heart just break. She knew it was wrong to marry the man that created another woman’s baby. She was always like that even when we were younger. Lana had wanted to have Sean’s baby so badly that I knew it stung her. I could hear the phone drop and her run off in the distance. I could hear her tears. I hung up the phone and threw the test into my bag. I grabbed my green jacket and got my car keys. I got into my emerald green Lexis and drove to Lana’s house. I opened the door and found her on her couch crying her eyes out.

“Lana, I’m sorry. I know you love him.”


“Are you blaming me?”




“SO THIS BABY, is last year’s mistake?”

I hugged Lana and let her cry into my shoulder. She was vulnerable and vulnerability makes us actresses strong. I held Lana for and very long time and then Sean came home. He walked in, saw me, dropped his bags and walked over. He sat on the other couch and just stared at his love in my arms.

“ Sean, There’s something I have to tell you. Can we let Lana sleep?”

I followed Sean to the kitchen and he sat down. He gestured for me to sit but I positioned myself by the door so I could hear if Lana stirred. She was always a peaceful sleeper. She was always the last person to wake up in the morning. Her feathers on her wings were always ruffled and always dirty. No wonder she loved feathers here on Earth so much. Sean cleared his throat and I stopped daydreaming.

“Sean do you remember what happened in December?”

“Yes, we came home after the Christmas party and made love…”

His eyes opened wide and he stood up from his seat. He walked over to me and whispered.

“Bex are you pregnant?”

“Yes Sean, with your baby.”

“What am I going to do? I love Lana but I made a vow to my parents a vow to God, to marry any woman that I got pregnant.”

“What if you got two women pregnant?”

“Then I have to die. Lana’s not pregnant. She can’t be.”

“Sean you were dating Lana in January!”

“ I see your point. It is almost Easter!”

“Sean if both of us are…”

“I don’t know. Mistakes are made and I’m glad I’m saved.”

I saw Sean glance at the knives lying on the counter. He was thinking about suicide. He was thinking about committing suicide. I grabbed his arms and tied them behind his back. Then I gagged him and tied him to the chair. I ran into the living room and woke Lana up. Her eyes were so sad when she say me standing over her. Her eyes were so sad.

“Lana will you go with me to my doctor’s appointment?”

“Bex, I would love too.”

We climbed into her black sedan and talked all the way to the hospital. I’m glad I left Sean with just enough rope to escape. He knew were to find me.

When we arrived at the hospital we parked close to the entrance and made our way in. I walked up to the window and knocked on the glass.


“Rebecca Mader.”





“Who’s with you?”

“Sister. Lana Mader.”

“Her age?”


“Her occupation?”


If I were going to get Lana a pregnancy test too I would have to lie and then let her in on the secret. Lana wasn’t a liar and she didn’t like lies but Sean needed to stop and get his shit together. He should have never left Tanya because I had a feeling that he would soon have two little babies. Lana and I sat down in the waiting room and I explained the situation.



“Please not?”

“Yes. Sean may be having two kids instead of one.”

“ Lana and Rebecca Mader please come this way?”

“Lana Mader? Are you insane?”

“Yes, and you’re only forty.”

I let the doctor do an ultrasound and she pointed out the head, mouth, eyes, feet and hands. I could hear the little hurt beating.

“Would you like to know the gender?”

“I thought it was two early.”

“We can tell at three months but prefer not to because it’s a slim chance we get it right.”

“Yes, I would love to know.”

I looked at Lana and smiled. She smiled back. She smiled very sarcastically.

“It’s a little girl. Congratulations!”

“Thank you! My sister would like to know as well.”

“Okay, Ms. Lana. Your turn.”

Lana got up onto the table and let the doctor squeeze the cold cream over her belly. Rebecca sat in the chair and watched as she kept her hands over her belly. The doctor moved the wand over Lana’s lower belly multiple times. Like, she was searching for something.

“Ms. Mader how many months have you been with child?”

“ Around three.”

“Wow, okay. That’s not normal for a first trimester.”

“What isn’t?”

“We can clearly tell the gender. I don’t think you’re three months.”

Lana exchanged glances with Bex and Bex eyes widened. Bex signed Lana to ask if a DNA test could be done for both of them.

“Can a DNA test be done?”

“Yes, if you aren’t sure the father is the father.”

“No it’s actually quite a long story that I don’t feel comfortable talking about. My sister and I are in a wacky situation.”

The doctors looked at Lana and then back at Bex. She nodded and laughed.

“I understand my sister and I were in the exact same situation a long time ago.”

“Okay! Can we get it done?”

“Do you want to know the gender?”

“Yes, I would love to know the gender!”

“Both of you are having little girls. Lana you look to be about four months pregnant. The same as your sister except she’s two weeks further along.”

“I understand thank you Dr. Goodwin. Do you by any chance know Ginnifer Goodwin?”

“Yes, she’s my niece to be exact. How do you know her?”

“Rebecca, Gin and I all used to work on OUAT that ended three years ago.”

“She mentions you when she brings Oliver, Hugo and Mia over.”

Dr. Goodwin took us both to the lab and used a foot long needle to collect amniotic fluid from the babies. She collected the amniotic fluid and carefully labeled the tubes. When she was all done she handed each of us a small bag.

“Collect some samples from the fathers and bring it to me. Then we can analyze the DNA and determine the parentage.”

I nodded and led Lana out of the hospital she beamed with happiness and I took her home. When we got back to her house. Sean was sitting on the couch watching football and eating a hamburger. Lana went right up to him and took him in for a long kiss. I stood near the door and watched. I already knew that Sean was my baby daddy but with Lana I wasn’t so sure.

“Sean guess what?”


“I’m pregnant.”

I went behind him and snipped off a couple strands of hair. I quietly snuck out the door and left. I would leave them. They needed to talk. I made my way back to the hospital and dropped off the DNA samples.

“Thank you Rebecca. Now all I need to do is mix this with a little solution and wait a few minutes.”

A few minutes later she came back into the room with two pieces of paper in her hand. She smiled and left the room. Not a word was said. I looked at the papers and first read mine.


AGE: 42

DOB: APRIL 24,1977





DUE DATE:  JULY 15,2019


I finished reading my papers and looked at Lana’s. Hers was completely different from what I had expected. I kept reading one word over and over again. Sean hadn’t cheated on me with Lana before but it didn’t make sense.


AGE: 42

DOB: JULY 15,1977





DUE DATE: JUNE 29,2019


Sean wasn’t Lana’s baby daddy. It made me happy and upset at the same time. All those years ago when I looked out the cloud window I was looking into the eyes of the man who I would be with the rest of my life. Then why did Fred and Lana divorce did Lana see another man besides Fred or was her destiny waiting still. He could have still been a zero. This means that Sean will have to marry me. I’m sure he could learn to love me. I left the room and went down the stairs. I stepped out into the parking lot and climbed into my emerald Lexis. I would call Lana on the way over to her house and tell her the news. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me looking at her DNA results. I would have seen them anyway. I dialed her number as soon as I got onto the road. She picked up on the first ring and sounded extremely happy. I didn’t want to ruin her joy.

“ Lana, I just picked up the results and I opened yours. Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I can’t wait to find out if I’m carrying Sean’s baby or not. I have a good feeling that I am.”

“ Yeah, I know how you feel Lana. I’m tired and I’m just going to drop off mine and yours so you can review them.”

“Okay, what’s wrong Bex?”

“Oh look I’m at your house. I put them in the mailbox.”

I shut the mailbox and drove off. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Lana open the papers. I could hear her heart break and see the tears stain her face. Sean came out and read the papers as well. He hugged Lana and she handed him her ring. He got into his car and drove off after me. The light turned green and I drove off. When, I knew Sean wasn’t following me anymore I turned back around and parked the car in Lana’s driveway. I could see her lights were all turned off and I could hear soft music playing when I put my ear to the door. I got the key out of its hiding place and went in.






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