Forever Friends.

Rebecca Mader and Lana Parrilla are sisters in Heaven, on Earth they aren't. What happens when something terrible happens and they don't know how to get on with their lives. Will they remain friends.


4. Chapter Four

""My eyes fluttered open and all I could see was this bright white light. My had instintively went to protect my baby. My stomach felt flat. I panicked and sat up. The room was just a white space. I was wearing a long white dress that flowed. I flapped my wings with instinct and turned to find I didn't bear wings anymore. I reached for the top of my head and pulled off a golden crown. I set the crown back on my head and looked down. My baby bump was flat but I still felt her little heart beating inside mine.

" scared Mummy. You scared me."


I sat up and pulled my feet over the side of the bed. I wore golden flats on my feet and I tried to walk on the golden floors. I finally found a door and pulled it open. I felt something lift me up and realized my wings were flapping, I did have wings. The streets of gold vanished beneath me as I flew into the chamber and landed perfectly at Godn's feet. He wasn't as big as I remembered. His son Jesus sat on the chair beside him. I smiled at my Lord and Savior before looking back at God.

"You Rebecca, have done me proud. But, I called you home because you disobeyed my ordained order."

"What did I do?"

"You married Marcus, your other half and ripped away from him. The daughter you grow in your womb will have to be changed to Marcus's child. Michaela was meant to be the child of Kayne not of Maguire."

"Are you going to change that?"


He came down off his throne and embraced me. When he left, I felt power surge through my body.

"Lord, will my child go to the chamber of the unborn?"

"No. She shall be born and raised by her mother and father."

I turned around and found Marcus standing in the doorway. He wore a white suit and his black hair was cut. He embraced me.



"I missed you friend."

I turned to God and asked.

"Do they know us four are dead?"

"No you shall return home. You've been in a nasty accident but you will survive. Sean doesn't ever remember being your boyfriend. He doesn't remember being Lana's fiancee either."

"Where is Lana?"

"She's with Fred and her daughter Sheridan"

"She's okay."

"Fred will return home as well. Before you came to Heaven he was in a car accident. They've managed to recesitate him."

"Will I remember this?"

"All four of you will. See you when it's time to come home. From now on Bex, obey everything I say."

"Yes Lord."

Marcus took my hand and I placed a hand over my womb. Little Michaela kicked with joy. We both stepped out into the sunshine and soon Lana and Fred joined us. We said our goodbyes and a white light engulfed all four of us. My eyes fluttered open. Bright lights blinded me and I couldn't feel my arms. People with mask stood over me and I weakly smiled.

"She's awake...let her off the oxygen and take her to the recovery room."

The doctors lifted the oxygen mask and I fell back under. I woke up with Marcus holding my hand. I stared at him and weakly smiled. I squeezed his hand and he looked up at me. When he saw my face he smiled. He stood up and kissed my cheek. I placed a hand over my belly and he nodded.

"Don't worry Bex, the doctors all checked. Lil Michaela is a fighter. Michaela Dawn Mader- Kayne. She's a fighter. She's strong and healthy."

"I'm sorry we separated. I'm sorry I left you..."

"It's fine. All that matters is that God fixed our mistake."

"You remember?"

"Yes but what matters is that only four people in this room know the truth. Every one else thinks differently. They all remember differently."

"Where's Lana?"

"She and Fred are in the room directly across the hall from us. The car accident that Fred was in this morning was severe. He's doing fine, he didn't get hurt, he just lost consciousness. You lost consciousness and so did Lana."

Marc bent down and kissed my forehead. I put a hand behind his head and pulled him close. I sat up to the best of my capabilities and held his head in my hands. I brought his lips to mine and kissed him gently. When I finally broke the kiss he just stared at me and tried to catch his breath.

"Bex you really do take my breath away?"

I felt a cramp in my abdomen and looked up at Marc. My stomach had expanded so much since my little trip to Heaven. I looked at Marc and then whispered.

"He not only changed the parentage of the baby. He sped up my pregnancy! How far along am I?"

"Seven months. Lana's seven and a half."

I heard screams from across the hall. Marcus helped me out of the bed and directed me across the hall. I peeked in and died laughing. They were trying to give Lana and IV. Her stomach was huge and Fred was squeezing her hand. I walked in and Lana just looked at me.

"You're crying over a needle?"

"Yeah! So!"

"That's why I love you."


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