Their Love Story

Percy and Nico are together for a wild ride on Aphrodite's love train. Battle of the Fandoms competition. This is my first time entering a competition.


3. Time will only tell.


Nico's POV


" Percy, how did you know that i was in love with you? After all those years where you just ignored me like i was nothing to you. Like i was a piece of garbage on your feet that you just kicked away! how do you expect me to forgive you for that. Im so sick and tired of this. i had finally given up on you and found someone that made me happy, when you come waltzing in here declaring your so called love to me. No, I'm not falling for it. Good bye Percy, please leave me alone. i don't want to talk to you anymore about this." Nico said running away crying. He ran all the way to Will, and told him the truth about what happened.

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