Their Love Story

Percy and Nico are together for a wild ride on Aphrodite's love train. Battle of the Fandoms competition. This is my first time entering a competition.


4. The Hurt

Percy's POV

' I can't believe what just happened.He really don't care about me. It can't be true. There must be some feeling down in his stone cold heart somewhere. I just need to bring it out. I know I'll go ask Piper for help. I know she would want us together.'

" Hey, Piper. I kinda messed up. I need your help to fix the problem I created with Nico."

"Let me guess, you finally told him how you feel and he said he had moved on."

" Yeah, how did you know, Piper?"

" Everyone knew this but you. You were to caught up in your own little world after Annabeth died. You wouldn't even talk to anyone. How can you expect him to just dump Will after all they have been through together. Nico almost died because of you! Thank the Gods for Will's love. That is the only thing that brought him back to life otherwise he would be with his dad in the underworld."

" You are right Piper. I need to go talk to him and Will about this. Thanks for talking to me."

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