Sync Up

While in London Alex had ran out of money. It didn't faze him really, he was already use to it. So he did what he always did, he took up as many part time jobs he could to gain as much money as he could so he could get going with his travelling. Along with the million other jobs he found, he started out as a janitor in a music studio. Little did he know that by meeting a famous boy band called One Direction, his life would completely change.

(I suck at summaries sorry!)


2. Chapter 2


((At last i was able to upload this! I was in Colorado for two weeks so I felt like i was never going to finish it...I'm not really into this story so I wont continue it probably... :/ )) (((Oh p.s. Troye Sevan eeek))





“Bless you.” Everyone in Yo Jo’s coffee shop echoed as Alex sneezed for the hundredth time.


“Thanks.” The shabby looking boy mumbled and continued brewing a new pot of coffee.


“Seriously mate, this weather doesn’t agree with you at all.” Paul said while working on his order.


“That's what you foreigners get when you try and settle down in a land that's not yours.” Amelia said in her thick scottish accent. Alex was pretty sure Amelia didn't like him. She was always trying to find a way to make him angry, not that it ever work.


“Oi Johnson! You better not be sprinkling boggers on my clients orders!” Yo Jo roared from the kitchen. Now there was another person who didn't particularly liked Alex.


“Of course not boss.” Alex mumbled once again and buried his nose in his scarf. It had been so cold even inside the shop, that he had needed to wrap his scrubby old scarf around his neck. If it was up to him, Alex would have also put on his coat as well, but old Yo Jo wouldn't allow it, of course, ‘It would ruin the impeccable barista’s outfit!’ Those were the exact words that came out of the old man’s mouth.


Alex couldn't wait to just bury himself under at least ten warm covers and snuggle in his bed with a hot cup of cocoa. Sadly he still had jobs to attend to. On the bright side, at the end of the day he was so tired he fell asleep quickly and slept like a baby...on the bright side…


Alex let out a sigh before he quickly maneuvered his way towards the table that belonged to his two stalkers and laid down their mugs as quickly as possible so they wouldn't have time to start conversation.  


“Your evading skills are getting better by the day.” Paul mused as he drew a kitty in the coffee cream.


“Dude, enough is enough. I can't stand them! They probably know my shoe size at this point!” Alex protested as Paul laughed and said “Mate they probably know your condom size!” Alex gave him a glare as he continued, “What was it again? Small? X-small? Is everything about you this small?” Paul teased as he poked Alex’s small nose. The boy slapped his hand away and rubbed his nose with a worried frown. Granted, it was small, wasnt that small right?


Alex punched him lightly on the arm as Paul kept laughing. “I might let you know that is not my size, as a matter of fact I’m--”


He stopped mid sentence as Paul gave him a smirk noticing everyone's attention was on him. “What?” Paul mused as Alex’s face turned beat red. He quickly glanced at the clock on the wall and murmured, “I’m late for work.”


Alex heard the snickers of his coworkers as he grabbed his coat, bag, gloves and beanie from the wall. He stuck his tongue out at them as he exited the shop. Just because he was small and all limbs, that didn't mean he was small down there. Not that he cared…


The overcoated boy stomped his way through the streets, occasionally sneezing or sniffing or cursing at the cold, really, winter wasn't his season. He almost dropped to his knees in thanks as he reached the studio he was supposed to start cleaning as of today.


Of all the jobs he had, this one may prove to be the easiest, the pay wasn't the greatest, but it was surely going to help bring some food to his table.


He entered the building and let out a relieved sigh at the touch of warm heat. He wished to be in a tropical island at the moment, not on freaking cold London. He rubbed his hands together as he approached Ms. Angelic on the front desk. “Hi.” Alex breathed out still trying to get some feel on his frozen limbs.


The secretary looked up from her computer and smiled at the red nosed boy. “Afternoon Mr. Johnson.”


Alex resisted the urge to cringe at the formalities and simply gave her a tight smile.


Alex knew what he needed to do. He quickly got to work after Ms. Angelic had told him where the broom closet was. It had all he needed. After assessing the areas that needed the most attention, Alex changed into a white t-shirt and some beat up jeans, plugged in his earphones, pinned his hair back and got to work.


He always found that music helped him work faster, time passed quicker. He hummed a tone as he swept the floor of one of the rooms.


After finishing cleaning one of the bathrooms Alex dragged a broom into one of the music rooms. He bobbed his head to the rhythm, occasionally kneeling to sweep the hard corners. His eyes landed on an electric guitar leaning perfectly on a corner. He dragged his gaze away and focused on the task at hand. However, his eyes landed back on the guitar, he chewed his bottom lip and looked around. There wasn't anyone around really, he hadn't seen anyone ever since he walked in, apart from Ms. Angelic. For a music studio, this place was awfully quiet…


Alex settled the broom against the wall softly and after a last glance around he grabbed the guitar. It looked too new. Wanting to be used. With a stupid smile on his lips he fumbled around trying to look where he could connect it. He stroke a chord and jumped a bit at the loud volume, he toned it down and looked around once again hoping it hadnt been that loud. He then looked at the ceiling for a second trying to think of a song and then started, “When you’ve gotten what you want,” He smiled at how he actually remembered how to play this, it had been quite some time since he had played anything. Back in high school, Alex had gone through the ‘join a band faze’, he was actually really good, but then he got into travelling, the band broke up and Alex never had much time to play. “There’s nothing left to want.” He liked this song in particular, and the way the guitar sounded, it had a bit of a psychedelic vibe, It's a Trip by Joywave. ((If you can, check out the song, its awesome))



“What are you doing?”


Alex yelped in a ‘totally manly way’ as the well dressed man from before appeared at  the doorway with crossed arms.


“I was just--um...sorry…” Alex quickly placed the guitar down and grabbed his broom. “Sorry…” he repeated not meeting the man’s gaze, he ducked his head and went to exit the room but the man stopped him and asked, “Where did you learn to sing like that?”


Alex pursed his lips and looked away a bit embarrassed that he had heard him sing. “Um...home?”


The man gave him a narrowed look and then nod him off. “Don’t you have cleaning to do?”


“Right.” Alex mumbled ducking his head and scurried off. That man was scary, Alex shivered as he looked for another place to clean. In his haste to get away from the scary looking man Alex almost bumped into someone, but apparently the young man had seen Alex and stopped him from crashing into him by placing a hand on his head. “You're the cleaning bloke right? I dont know whats wrong with the sink but it's broken, fix it.” The curly haired guy didn't even look up from the papers in his hands as he spoke to Alex.


“Sink…? I’m not--”


“Oh and while you're at it, i think there's a light bulb going out in the stage room? Really distracting when we're rehearsing so get that fixed up too.” It wasn't even a request as he kept talking.


“Seriously man, I don’t--”


“Harry! Lance is looking for you again! And he doesn't look happy!” A voice called from inside one of the rooms down the hall.


The boy--Harry or whatever his name was, turned on his heel and walked towards where he was being called. “Coming, coming! Jeez…”


Alex frowned after him, he was a janitor not a--a--electrician or a plumber. Even so...Alex headed towards the bathroom… He glanced at his clock, 2pm, after that more people appeared around the studio. Some stopping him telling him of others things that needed fixing or cleaning. Alex was a tad annoyed, he was going to ask for a bit more pay if they kept treating him like their handyman. The job was supposed to be cleaning, not all this…


Once he finally completed everyone's request, Alex headed towards the stage room with a stair and other tools. He had a bit of a hard time dragging the the long stair in. He looked around at the people that were fussing about. There was the scary man yelling something at the five boys from the other day in the meeting room, among them the Harry dude Alex didn't like by first impression.


While changing the lightbulb, he watched as the five guys did or attempted to dance a choreography all the while screeching like cats, or singing, it was probably singing…


When Alex gave the lightbulb a last twist, the thing grew hot and popped. “Gah!” he slipped and almost fell back but he clutched the stair close, sadly the stair tipped with his weight and started falling back “Shitshitshitshitshitshit!” He closed his eyes and  braced himself for the impact that was probably going to leave a bruise on his backside, but the impact never came. He opened an eye.


“Got you.” He looked up at the boy that caught him, light brown hair and sea green eyes. He smiled down at Alex and said “Next time ask someone for help? It’l prevent accidents like this one from happening.”


“Uh, can put me... down now.”


“Can we continue with our rehearsal now?” Harry was glaring from up on the stage as he impatiently tapped his foot. Alex rolled her eyes and squirmed out of his savior's grasp while mumbling, “Rehearsal? Was that what it was?”


“Nobody asked for your opinion, cleaning person.” Harry glowered down at him.


Alex simply raised an eyebrow and placed a hand on his hip. “Cleaning person? Is that supposed to be an insult or something?”


“Could you just get back to your work and let us rehearse?”


Alex scoffed and resisted the urge to give him the middle finger but he had just started this job and wasn't in any hurry to get fired so quickly. So he took a deep breath, grabbed his things and walked out.


“That wasn't very nice Harry.” The green-eyed one whispered.


“Just get up here Louis.” Mr. Grumpy Pants grumbled.




Bucket and mop in hand, Alex had to walk back again into the hell room. ‘Rehearsals’ were still in place, sadly, and Alex wished he knew were he had left his earphones.


They had been trying out that ‘choreography’ again, but in all honesty Alex thought it was just horrible. If everyone was going to do the same choreography, they should, like, do it right, in sync, not, horribly? It really ticked Alex off for some reason.


He dropped the filled up bucket on the floor with a loud thud, probably gaining a glare or two from Harry. He honestly thought it was rude to be glaring at someone so much when you didn't even know their name.


 Dipping the mop into the bucket, Alex started moving some objects out of the way to begin mopping the floor. The choreography was slightly getting on his nerves, it wasn't that Alex was a perfectionist but...someone needed to help these boys with some dancing 101 classes...urgently. He let it be and tried concentrating on his job, but then, the singing. One of them kept singing in the wrong tune.


“Dude, dude, you just...don’t do that.” Alex finally spoke up with a painful expression in his face, it--it was just pitiful. He looked at Harry while saying, “That part you sing it like, sorry, love, but i don't really care.” Alex corrected singing the right notes.


The boys stopped to look at Alex, four of them with a perplexed face, whereas, surprise, surprise, Harry was just wearing an offended expression, as if genuinely offended. Was he even surprised?  Harry then pursed his lips, “Why can't you mind your own business?”


“Well, you make it my business when your ‘singing’,” he added with air quotation marks. “hurts my ears. I'm just pointing something out man, jeez.”


“I wrote that song, I know how to sing it, thank you very much.” Harry refuted back.


“It certainly doesn't look like it. That's obviously not the right tune.”


“A fan, are you?” The young singer asked rather sarcastically. Alex simply rolled his eyes. “Hardly. I'm just not tone deaf. Plus the singing is the least of your problems, have you taken a good look at your dancing?” He then laughed dryly and added, “Honestly I've never heard of you guys before. What are you called?”


“You're kidding right?” Harry asked with an unamused face. Alex shook his head with brows raised. “Not really, no.”


“We’re...One Direction.” The green eyed boy, Louis, murmured from behind Harry.


Alex looked at the ceiling for a moment, his hands resting on his hips as he thought. He then snapped his fingers and said “Oh! You're that boyband my kid sister loves! Honestly I always thought you guys were from a kiddies show or something.”


Harry was fuming by now, he took a deep breath, pinched the bridge of his nose and looked down at Alex. “If you are finished now, we’d like to go back to rehearsals.”


“Fi--” Alex started again but a familiar voice asked from the back. “How would you fix it?” Alex looked over his shoulder and held in a squeak as the scary man from before looked at him with a serious expression on his face.




The man raised an eyebrow as if saying ‘Well?’


“Well...I suppose the singing is not that bad but…” he moved his gaze towards the five guys on stage. “The choreography really doesn't fit them. They keep trying to do their own thing, not that thats a bad thing, but, this type of choreography requires them to be in sync and in tune...I mean, it has a high level of difficulty overall. I guess it would be easier to just assign different dances that fit each one of's not as flashy but at least they won't be an eyesore.”


“So you're saying they suck.” The serious man deadpanned.


“Well…” Alex bobbed his head in confirmation.


The man sighs and then says, “However, we cannot change the choreography now...they need to learn it before next week if they want to catch up with the rest of the contestants…” Contestants? Alex wondered if they were in some sort of competition at the moment. The man gave the band a pointed look which they did not meet as they shifted their gazes elsewhere.


“You, janitor!” Alex resisted the urge to cringe as people kept calling him that, it wasn't like that was his only profession… “I saw you earlier in one of the music rooms, you seemed to know your way around, do you by any chance have some sort of artistic background?”


Alex looked away, scratching the back of his neck slightly and murmured, “Well, i wouldn't say it was something professional but…” he hesitated before continuing. “My dad was producer, i spent a lot of time with him during the job. Mark Johnson, you probably know his name…” he winced  a bit as he talked about his father. The boys onstage gaped at him as Harry exclaimed, “Mark Johnson!? The Mark Johnson!? I very much doubt he would have a scrawny looking janitor boy as his son.”


Alex’s face flushed red with anger at Harry’s words. “It's not like i asked to be his son you prick!” It had been quite a while since Alex had burst like that, his father was a touchy subject, one he didn't like bringing up for various reasons. The singer took the hint to not push further on the subject and before either of them could say something else, the eldest man in the room said, “What would you say to a job promotion?” The man observed a gaping Alex with a calculative look, as if assessing him. The rest of the boys shared matching expressions with the young janitor.


“You're not serious, right?” Harry asked and then laughed. “That was a joke. Good one Tony.” The man, Tony, raised an eyebrow and then Harry’s expression dropped to a grim one. “You are serious. Just because he's the son of a famous music producer and he ‘seems’” he adds with air quotation marks. “to have artistic talent, doesn't mean he can…” Harry glanced at the short boy. “ us. I'm pretty sure there are more qualified people for that.”


“I think you've ruined any chance of having someone help you out these past few weeks, thanks to you being an arse with everybody.” ###. Alex corrected on his mind as Louis finished speaking.


“Hey it's not my fault they were dim-witted half--”


“A job promotion sounds amazing!” Alex exclaimed with a wide grin and then he asked, “But, what is the job exactly?”


“Like Louis said, we haven't had much luck with people lately, thanks to Mr. Styles here. The choreography they've been practicing is some old sequence they never got to perform before, but it's the only thing we have at the moment. We only have a couple of days before the competition starts again, if you can get this lot to sync up and not let them embarrass themselves on stage, I promise i'll make it worth your while.” Alex was too distracted with the sound of coins clinking in his mind and an airplane taking off out of this damn cold city, to actually ask what was this competition about.


“Deal!” He couldn't believe his luck, of course his father’s name must have also played a role, and of course he was probably the last option...but still! He could see himself getting out of this over priced, over glorified city...and not get more colds. “But, I think it's getting late.” Alex murmured looking at his watch. “And i got another part time in a bit.” He then looked up, “But i we can start tomorrow,” he rubbed his chin and started talking more to himself. “I’ll probably have to leave some of the part times though, if i want to make time for this, and I’ll also have to…” he kept mumbling to himself all the adjustments he’ll have to do now, it didn't bother him, but he had started to get the hang of this new lifestyle.


“I have to go now!” Alex unclipped his bangs and gave a half wave as he ran out the door, yelling back “See ya’ tomorrow!”






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