Sync Up

While in London Alex had ran out of money. It didn't faze him really, he was already use to it. So he did what he always did, he took up as many part time jobs he could to gain as much money as he could so he could get going with his travelling. Along with the million other jobs he found, he started out as a janitor in a music studio. Little did he know that by meeting a famous boy band called One Direction, his life would completely change.

(I suck at summaries sorry!)


1. Chapter 1




 "That'll be 2 quids sir." Alex nodded and rummaged through his pockets looking for the two damn notes. He grimaced a bit as he finally found what was left of his money. Barely thirty pounds. He gave the cashier the two quids and then grabbed his coffee. Thirty pounds! Where had all his money run off to?


Alex sneezed once he was outside the coffee shop as the cold air brushed his nose. He tugged up his worn out scarf burying his nose in it “Tell me again why are we in London during winter Alex?” he spoke to himself with a bit of distaste as he walked through the busy streets of the city. It wasn't that he did not London, but, it wasn't quite what he expected, and it certainly wasn't the best of cities to ran out of money in. Thirty pounds. He huffed still a bit angry at himself that he had wasted so much money in such a short period of time. He didn't even know how he was going to pay for his room now...or food.


He took a sip of the coffee in his hands and then quickly buried his nose on the scarf, it wasn't particularly cold, but for Alex, it was arctic cold here. Everyone gave him odd looks due to the excess of clothing he was wearing, it was hard to walk with it all, he admitted, but he wasn't about to turn into a popsicle. After finishing up his morning coffee he threw the cup into a trash can and rubbed his gloved hands together. “Alright, let's get to work.” In all honesty, this process of running out of money wasn't all that new to him, with his constant moving and travelling, Alex didn't have a steady job. He was the type of person who landed in a city, wasted money, worked a million part times, hoarded up enough money and then moved to the next country he wished to visit. It was his style of life, and he loved it. Even if at times he didn't have the most comfortable bed or the best of meals, he always found that those were the minor details. As long as he could travel, see new places, meet new people and learn about different cultures, Alex didn't mind the lowly jobs he got or the heaty room he had to sleep in at times. Alex always tried looking at the bright side of things, like how he acquired all sort of skills thanks to the different jobs he has had.


Today however he remembered how in some countries it was hard to get even a small job without a college degree. He went across different shops and stores job scouting. But most shooed him away or shook their heads saying they had all the help they needed. Though Alex might think it also had something to do with the fact that he looked like an over clothed hobo. But there were also other shops and stores who even offered him a cup of tea and to heat up a bit. All in all, there were kind people and rude people, at the end of the day he had about seven job interviews, his specialty. Alex was the type of person who could be very persuasive, especially at job interviews, after the hundreds he had been to, he could officially say he was an expert at them. Some of the shops didn’t even ask for a job interview and asked him when could he start, Alex grinned wide at them and quickly said tomorrow.


After that long day of job hunting, Alex dropped on a bench and heaved a tired sigh. If in the day London was cold, in the night, it was even colder, and not to say the gloomy clouds that always seemed to follow him overhead. However, at nightfall the people came out of their flats to dine or drink or dance and there was the casual musician playing in some of the parks. He had to admit he enjoyed that. He stared at an old man playing the guitar rather expertly on a stool as children danced and dropped coins in the musician's hat. Alex smiled at the sight and then stifled a yawn. He should probably get back to his room and catch some sleep, these next few weeks were going to be harsh and hard working, and his nose would probably fall off his face if he kept exposing it to the cold any longer. He stretched and with one last glance at the old man, Alex made his way to his shabby room. Luckily he convinced the renter to give him a couple more days to pay him.





“Well, there's the Agave Roaster Cocktail, the Almond Cappuccino, Amaretto Supreme Latte, Apple Iced Mocha, Backlava Latte, but, i could personally say that the good ol’ Americano is definitely worth a try here.” Alex fidgeted with the pen and notebook on his hand as he gave the two ladies he was currently attending a bright smile. They giggled and finally ordered two Americanos. “Two Americanos it is.” He wrote down the order and walked back to the counter.


“How do you do that?”  Paul asked as Alex worked quickly getting the order ready.


“Do what?” Alex asked innocently as he didn't look up from his work. Paul huffed and answered trying to catch his gaze “Get them all giddy and blushing.”


Alex tugged a strand of dark hair behind his ear and grabbed the two cups, he finally looked at Paul and said “Looks and charms my friend, which, as i've noticed you don't have.” Alex smirked as the cashier, Amelia rolled her eyes at his comment.


“You're a real prick Alex, you know that?” Paul said grabbing his notepad and walking towards his table, but his words were half heartedly. In the past week, Alex had landed a couple of jobs, mostly as a waiter or at convenience stores. But the one he enjoyed the most was being a barista at Yo Jo’s Coffee Shop. He had already met two new friends, even though Amelia would never admit it.


“Here we are, two americanos for you ladies.” Alex settled down the two mugs on the table. “Any pastry with that?”


The blonde girl curled a strand of hair around her finger and asked “What do you suggest?”


Alex raised a delicate brow and forced a small smile on his lips. He had seen the same two girls for the past week in here. Every day… He had asked the other to take the table, but they seemed to enjoy seeing him in pin. He really didn't want to worry about two stalkers at the moment, he had enough on his plate as it is. They kept insinuating things and asking for his number...not that he had a cellphone anyways. He was getting a tad annoyed. “How about the Va te faire foutre?”


The redhead tilted her head “Ooh sounds romantic.”


“Very.” he resisted rolling his eyes “I'll be right back.” he walked back to the counter and throwed the notepad at Paul “I'm done for today.”


Paul raised an eyebrow “What did they order?”


“A Va te faire foutre.” Alex said too seriously. Paul and two other baristas burst laughing.


“I can't believe you actually did that.” Paul said between laugh as Alex tugged his apron off and handed it over. “If Yo Jo heard you.”


“Oh come on that old man is never around.” Alex said and as if jinxing it the old man appeared through the kitchen door. “Heard what?”


Alex jumped out of the way, “Boss! Didn't see you there!” he let out a nervous chuckle. In all honesty, Alex was scared of the old man, thing is, when you hear about an old man named Yo Jo who own a coffee shop you think of a frail sweet old grandpa. But Yo Jo, oh Yo Jo was quite the opposite, the man was about 63 years old but he looked like he went to the gym more often than Alex did. He had tattoos across his arms and a piercing on his left ear. He looked more like a bike gang dealer than a coffee shop owner.

“Just because the customers love you, doesn't mean i'll let you do whatever you wish in my shop lad.” Yo Jo crossed his buff arms across his chest, pinning Alex with a nasty glare, it didn't help that Alex was barely 5’3.


“Ahaha...Of course not sir.” Alex looked at his watch dramatically “Oh look at the time! I’ve got to run!” He was halfway to the exit when Paul asked “What about your two admirers?”


Alex gave him a small glare “You can have their tip if you finish their order.” with that he exited the coffee shop and darted a few blocks, finally stopping when he was sure Yo Jo wouldn't chase him and drag him back into the shop. Only then he noticed he wasn't wearing his coat and that he'll probably freeze his ass off. He wasn't going back though…


He searched in his pockets his wallet and examined its contents. At this rate he wasn't going anywhere soon...Who knew London was going to be this expensive. He needed more jobs... He sighs and keeps walking down the street trying to ignore his now red runny nose. Damn cold.


He stopped in front of a building as his eyes stared at a flier on its door. ‘Janitor needed.’ He sniffed as he stared at the words. He had worked worst jobs. He snatched the paper from the door and entered the building. He didn't really know what it was since he hadn't seen any other sign saying anything. There wasn't even anyone at the front desk. He glanced at his watch, it was past 12pm. They surely had to be open, the door was unlocked…


“Hello?” when no one answered Alex shrugged and walked further in. He adjusted his button shirt and tie. Probably not the best choice of outfit at the moment, but he always seemed to have the wrong outfit at interviews. Most of the rooms were empty. He noticed a few had plenty of electronic gadgets and music instruments. One had even a mini stage with microphones. Some were recording rooms. So that's what this place was? A recording studio? Odd that there wasn't anyone here though…


Finally he heard the hint of chatter further down on a hall and Alex decided to follow. He softly pushed a door open “Hello…?” The chatter stopped as he was faced with a bunch of people sitting at a long table, they had seem to be discussing something important. Five young male guys stared at Alex with frowns as a better dressed man stood up with an equal frown. “Do you know how to read lad?”


Alex raised an eyebrow at the same time he noticed the letters embedded on the door ‘Authorized Personnel Only’. He glanced back at the man and let out a nervous chuckle. “Sorry…? There was no one in the front desk and i was just…” he raised the wanted poster.


The man pinched the bridge of his nose and said in a exasperated voice “Ms. Angelic will you please lead this boy out?” An asian looking woman pushed her glasses up her nose and quickly nodded her head. She led Alex back out to the front desk after closing the door.


“Sorry, this was my fault…” she murmured, once again pushing the glasses up her nose, they seemed too big for her. Her heels clicked rapidly as they finally arrived at the front the desk she sat down. “I was resolving some...issues…” After organizing some papers she looks up at Alex and asks, “What can i do for you?”


Alex scratched the back of his neck and then gave her the wanted poster, “I was wondering if the job was still available.”


Ms. Angelic looked over the rim of her glasses at the poster, “Oh yes, we've been in need of one for quite some time now. When can you get started?” she asked


Alex shrugged and asked. “No interview?”


“There isn't really many requirements for that job…”


“Right…” Alex looked around and the back at Ms. Angelic. “Tomorrow?”


The secretary smiled kindly and said “Tomorrow it is then.”

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