Michael need to buy his mom a gift, and there was she to help him, the floriculture girl...



2. 🌻 the floriculture girl 🌻

It was a Tuesday, exactly 3:45 pm. Michael was scrolling on twitter and forgot about his mother's birthday.

After seeing the lots of chocolate his father gave her, the boy decided to go to a floriculture and buy her mom some flowers.

When he walked in, he started looking for something nice, but he didn't knew what kind of flower his mom liked. While he was looking around, a soft voice appeared beside him.

- can I help you? - a girl with brown hair and green eyes said smiling -

- I... uhm... I wanna but something to my mom - he said trying to not look so stupid

- what's your mother's name?

- Karen Clifford

- ooh - she smiled - I know her, she likes that ones - walked to a bouquet of yellow flowers and he smiled looking at her eyes. They were green, but it also looked like a dark blue.

- thank you for helping me - he said before thinking "oh well, that's her job, Michael"

- you're welcome - she smiled - come back if you need help with anything related to flowers -

Before he could say anything else or even ask for her phone number, she had to help other person. He paid for the flowers and walked home.

When he gave Karen the flowers, she smiled wide.

- they're my favorite! How did you knew? -

- uhm... I had some help - he chuckled - I went to the floriculture in the 5th street and a girl with brown hair helped me -

- oh are you talking about Ana? -

- I don't know... is that her name? -

- if we are talking about the same girl... - Karen chuckled a bit - yes it is. Thank you for the flowers, son - she smiled and walked to the kitchen.

"Ana..." He thought while walking upstairs to his room "I have to come back to you"

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