Michael need to buy his mom a gift, and there was she to help him, the floriculture girl...



3. 🌻 she's your what..? 🌻

One day after meeting the floriculture girl, Mike was decided to come back there and ask her out, but there was a problem. He was too shy for that. Well... There were two problems.

- heyy buddy - Calum saying sitting next to him in history class - how was your weekend? -

- it's was nice - he smiled - I met a nice girl -

- really? Who's she? -

- Ana... - he chuckled - she works on the floriculture -

- Michael are you talking about my step little sister? -

- s-she's your step sister? -

- yeah - he frowns -

- oh... sorry Cal -

Then the teacher walks in and talk a lot of stuffs while Michael wasn't paying attention. Calum's step sister? How?! Michael didn't even knew he had a step sister!

- hello son how was your day? - Karen asked when he walked in home -

- the same as always... -

- oh cool... I need you to do me a favor -

- but mom I need to study - he lied, the truth was that he just didn't want to go anywhere -

- is very fast, I just need you to go to the floriculture and ask Ana what's her phone, because my flowers are dying and I don't know what to do and I'm too busy to go there -

- I'll be right back -

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