Michael need to buy his mom a gift, and there was she to help him, the floriculture girl...



6. 🌻 party?! 🌻

Michael and Ana kept talking the whole week, even thought she didn't knew it was him.

- look - Ana giggled blushing while showing the messages to Troye, her best friend

- you don't think it's Jack, right?

- I... I was hoping so

- Ana you know that he's a jerk...

- I know but he's cute - she said before Jack 'magically' appear beside Troye

- hey cutie - he looked at Ana ignoring Troye - I'm gonna throw a party at my house tonight, you should come - he winked and walked away

- Ana? Ana are you breathing?! - Troye looked mad at her

- h-huh?

- you're not going to that fucking party, do you get me? He's a jerk and he's gonna hurt you! - Calum appeared next to them, with Michael

- sup sis, why's he so mad?

And after Troye tell him what happened, Calum agreed that Ana shouldn't go, and she said she would go anyway. Then Michael walked away to text her.

- hey flower

- hello kitten - that was the only way she called him, since she didn't knew his name and she knew he liked cats

- what are you gonna do tonight?

- maybe a party...

- Jack's party?

- yup - everything Michael wanted to do was tell her what he was feeling and kiss her, but he couldn't.

- I hate him... have a good time in the party

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