Michael need to buy his mom a gift, and there was she to help him, the floriculture girl...



4. 🌻 in my hands 🌻

Michael shyly walked in the floriculture and started looking for Ana.

- can I help you? - a voice said behind him. But it wasn't Ana's sweet and soft voice. It was Calum's voice.

- oh hey Cal -

- sup Mike - he chuckled - you're not here to see my sister, right? -

- uhm.. yeah right - he looked at his hands - I'm here because my mom asked what to do when the flowers start dyeing -

- uhm... wait - Calum walked to Ana and she wrote something on a paper and he walked back to give it to Michael - she told to give this to your mom -

~ at Michael's house ~

Michael looked at the paper. It was Ana's phone.

He thought a lot about her being Calum's sister. But for real, he didn't really care.

He decided to text her.

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