Tyler as become mute. He's not sure what will happen now. But will this eat him up inside so much he might kill himself?


4. Tree

Tyler is bawling, shacking, and hyperventilating. He gets an old rode from the garage and ties it t o a tree and ties a knot at the end to fit his neck.


Josh is driving as quickly as he can.


Tyler goes inside to get a chair to stand on.


Josh arrives at Tyler's house and finds a note on the desk.

----------------------------------------------Tyler cry for 5 mins


Josh run right out and goes to the tree


"Don't do it"

Tyler looks at Josh with tears in his eyes.

"It does mate if you're mute or not, you can still write music. You might not be able to sing but there are lots of people who writes songs for other people."

Tyler cry even more and runs to Josh and hugs him. They sit there crying together for 10 mins.

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