Tyler as become mute. He's not sure what will happen now. But will this eat him up inside so much he might kill himself?


1. Sound Then Nothing

(Tyler calls Josh at 9:35 pm)

"Hey man"


"What's up"

"Not much, you"

"I'm calling you"

"That's true"

"Bye man"


(Tyler ends the call)

(Josh texts Tyler at 9:40 am)


"Tyler, we've got a major problem"

"What is it"

"I can't talk... at all. Tyler we have a concert to night"

"What, how did you do that"

"I don't know, I walk up and I could talk "

"Well that's really not good"

"No really what should I do"

"I don't know, about some rest"

"Ok, bye"


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