How to Fix a Rose

The meaning of life was mixed in the Brisbane air of Australia. For Archie, it couldn't have been a greater time to be a teenager. But when he emerges from middle school and his sexual attraction towards men starts to affect his everyday life, he looks to an overseas stranger for guidance.


6. HTFAR | ???


Pleased to meet you. 

For the very first time.

I'm sorry I couldn't stay.

I left too much behind.

If you don't forgive me...

Well, that's alright.

Just remember that you too,

can have a good life.

Why did we meet?

Was it to let me know I'd never be loved?

Was it to see if I could take your words?

Was it a experiment for your own concern?

I can never forgive you!

Even after all you say!

Because at the end of the day,

It was you that took my life away...

I'm sorry, ok?

My life hasn't been great.

I tried to play and act like it's ok...

But my life is strange, more so than they say

Please believe me, I need to know if you're ok.

I was never ok.

I was never...

I was...




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