How to Fix a Rose

The meaning of life was mixed in the Brisbane air of Australia. For Archie, it couldn't have been a greater time to be a teenager. But when he emerges from middle school and his sexual attraction towards men starts to affect his everyday life, he looks to an overseas stranger for guidance.


1. HTFAR | Prologue

Time is the one powerful factor of human life that we sometimes seem to underestimate. Over the decades of mankind, time has proven that any amount of pain can heal given the correct measures. However, time has also proven that the human spirit can hold at their own pain long enough for it to become an unbreakable bond. Something that could have changed you for the better, has now taken your soul and changed you for the worst. Yet we still blame others for what we’ve become.

I’m not going to sit here and call you all the names I want to, not like the old me would have. Instead I’m going to tell you a story about my past. Before you go thinking about the horrible things that could have happened to make me want to exploit this onto you so willingly, wait. This story of mine, isn’t a lighthearted one, but it’s not exactly tragic either. Mistakes are there to help you grow, right? So, did it ever stumble upon you that someone else’s mistakes targeting you, was just you helping them grow?

Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with the little pointless details of my life. I'm not going to make this so long to the point that you get bored in merely two minutes. I'm going to make this quick and to the point, my whole life in a nutshell. So please, hear my story with open ears, because this is something my heart can no longer keep on chains.



© 2017 Archie Ben

All Rights Reserved


The following story is entirely true and happens to be events that have happen to the author and remember that some names used in this novel have been altered for the purpose of protection. Though it's vaguely mentioned in the story, Brisbane is not a horrible place, just certain parts. Please don't let this story be the reason you don't visit if you were going to.

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