88 Days: A Journal Memoir

I graduate from high school next year, which means that I only have one summer left free of bills and adult responsibilities. So the only logical thing to do is to make the next 88 days the best days ever and record every single day of my final summer at home in a journal for the entire internet to see. Shake well and enjoy.


1. Day 1

Thursday, June 1, 2017
Go Barefoot Day


When I opened my eyes this morning, my groggy brain registered three thoughts:

1) It's brighter than usual. Am I running late for school?
​2) Wait, it's the first day of summer vacation! I'm free to do as I wish with my time!
​3) Is that the sound of rain on my window? What the ****, Texas!

As per usual, I rolled around in bed a bit before finally deciding to emerge from the covers. I passed my brother's newly-mounted pull-up bar on my way out of my room - a subtle reminder that I had promised myself I was going to work out this summer. I had this grand idea over spring break that I was going to step foot into school on my first day of senior year looking gorgeous and making everyone question if I was the same girl who had walked out of school three months earlier.

But as I passed right by that exercise bar and made a beeline for the computer, I quickly realized that I may have been a little too ambitious. I hardly ever exercise (unless long walks to the fridge count), and I probably eat double the recommended calories for someone of my size (five feet tall) and activity level (very low). Trying to glow up in three months with no prior experience would be an impressive feat.

Besides, I think what I really desired while I was daydreaming over spring break was to be truly happy. My junior year of high school certainly wasn't terrible, but it left much to be desired. I felt disengaged and emotionally "out of it" for most of the year. My grades plummeted as a result (through by the help of my stellar freshman year transcript, I still managed to get into National Honor Society). I didn't feel healthy, I was putting my energy into people and things that really didn't matter, and I was constantly surrounded by messes of different sorts. So by the time I rolled out of school yesterday, I was more than ready for a break to recharge.

I have so many things I want to do this summer. I'll probably make a list of goals for the next 88 days tonight and share them with y'all tomorrow.

Anyway. In case you're wondering why I was on the computer, I was playing Minecraft. It's been years since I played the game seriously, and now I've decided to get back into it and take on the project of building a floating island on a multiplayer server. The island's going to have a shop (I can earn in-game money for the stuff I sell - score!), fishing pond, spawners, minigames, and pixel art. I've already got the supplies for a giant centerpiece tree, and now I'm working on creating the four-part shop. Despite all the work that goes into it, I find it really relaxing to just sit and focus on building something.

​Above: my Minecraft avatar (that looks nothing like me IRL) standing by my up-and-coming island creation. The beginning of the centerpiece is in the background on the left side of the picture, and to the right is the first of the four shops I'm building.

The only thing that interrupted my Minecrafting (?) for the day was my mother. The first time it happened, I think she noticed that I was looking a little lethargic, and so she dragged me out to the store with her for what is possibly the longest grocery run I've ever been on in my life. I snuck some of my favorite chocolate-covered fruit snacks into the cart to make up for the hours of adventuring through H-E-B.

The second time I was stopped was for a quick run to the river near my house to play Pokémon Go (do I sound like a white American teenager yet?).* I'm not that into the game anymore, but my mom is super into it, so I play with her when I can.

While we were in the parking lot near the river, I remembered that today was Go Barefoot Day, so I decided to celebrate by taking my sandals off and walking barefoot through the grass on my way to catch a nearby Machop. I'd forgotten how nice it feels to have soft grass beneath your feet and a cool breeze going through your hair. I should really go outside more.

​Above: celebrating Go Barefoot Day in the parking lot by the river!

I ended my first day of summer vacation with a warm slice of pumpkin pie that we bought at the store and another few hours of Minecraft.

I wish I could say I did more exciting things today, but it was pretty awesome to wake up and not have to do anything today. I'll definitely be a little more active tomorrow - I'm working my school's graduation ceremony.


​*Just FYI, I'm actually Hispanic (contrary to what the color of my legs may lead you to believe).

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