The Girl With The Dark Red Hair

no one can forget the girl with the dark red hair who brought adventure and danger everywhere she went.

'Sammy.' she whispered to me. my hand touched her cheek. it was just a kiss.... except she wasn't just another girl.


1. Introduction


Her red hair blew behind her as she fought the wind pressure that was pushing her back. I stood there and watched her. Inside of me I heard the voice in my head saying "stop her!" but I couldn't move, I couldn't save her. I wouldn't watch the girl I love do this. I looked down at the thick metal chains that held me to this tree, as I'm forced to see everything that ever mattered to me be taken away. She reached the edge of the cliff and she turned around to face me. She mouthed the words "I love you," as she fell backwards off the cliff and a loud scream escaped from my lips. 

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