The Girl With The Dark Red Hair

no one can forget the girl with the dark red hair who brought adventure and danger everywhere she went.

'Sammy.' she whispered to me. my hand touched her cheek. it was just a kiss.... except she wasn't just another girl.


2. Chapter 1 ~ The Girl With The Dark Red Hair

11 months prior ~

*tick* *tock* *tick* *tock* 

The sound of the ticking clock became tedious as I stressed to hack into the account. Computer programming hands down is my favorite subject and I'm easily the best in the class,though I don't do anything illegal ~ most of the time. I looked over at all the people who were still on step 2, and silently highfived myself in my mind. Of course I was going to finish first, I always did. I rapidly scanned through the data ~ *APPROVED*. I glanced to my right to see my best friend, Jax Latorre, giving me a look. He got annoyed every now and then that I always kicked his ass in this class. Especially when he's a straight A student.(He's a hood, so the good grades were really his only motivation.) I remember him begging me to tutor him, and to teach him how I hacked so fast. To be completley honest I almost did. That was until his sister ratted him out by telling me the only reason he wanted me to was so he could beat me for once. And I'm not the kind of guy to give people that kind of satisfaction. Jax's sister doesn't know the kind of people he hangs out with, and I wasn't gonna be the guy to tell her. I've actually met some of them, and they're good guys. They stick together, like a family should. I slammed my laptop shut and slapped my hand on the table, making a gun with my hand and pretending to shoot Jax. He just flipped me off under the table and I quietly snickered. I ran my hand through my jet black hair and adjusted myself to slump down in the desk chair, as I propped my feet up on the desk. As I looked up I received a sly nod from Mrs.Callahan, it was no surprise to her that I was finished first. Not that it's a race or anything, but it's a race. I cautiously glanced around the room, and right as my eyes hit the door I saw a shadow of red through the door window passing by. The red shadow moved swiftly and I became slightly intrigued. I wanted to know what the red was, and I intended to find out. Mrs. Callahan was looking down through her thick lens glasses at the papers sprawled all along her desk. Her desk was always covered in papers and God knows what else. It was a surprise that she kept up with anything. Her constant held focus made it easy for me to sneak out of the classroom without attention being drawn to myself.  Jax looked at me confused and I only responded with mouthing the words; "I'm curious." Then he understood. My curiousity gets me into trouble, but when I'm curious I also will go to any lengths to figure something out... anyone that knows me, knows that. Once I was out of the room, I looked to the left and saw nothing. I then looked to the right.... 


There was something alright. A tall and slim girl with gentle brown eyes was standing there. Her pale skin made her look like a fairy-tale princess. But the one thing I noticed the most was her long dark red hair. The pale skin complimented the red as if she would have been born with the unnatural hair color. She was gorgeous.  I think she saw me starring because she walked over to me. The fact that she was closer allowed me to get a better look at her face. She had prominent cheek bones and rosy cheeks. Her lips were a slight pink that seemed glossy almost. But i still couldn't get over the dark red hair.....

She was wearing dark blue jeans with rips in them. She wore a tight grey tank top type shirt and a loose grey sweater that went down to her butt. her shoes were black, and had a slight heel that made her seem taller then she already was. 

"Like what you see?" She said in a flirty tone. She bit her lip and smiled cockily, while raising her eyebrows. At that moment I realized I must have been starring for a while and she most likely thought I was quite odd. I wouldn't blame her if she did.

I cleared my throat. 

"Why do you think I was starring?." I said as I put my hands in my pockets and looked around whilest biting my lip. She looked at me for a minute, almost as if she was analyzing me. I could see her eyes very well. She smirked as if she had this effect on other guys and not just me. She probably did. The suspicious look in her eyes made me know she had been hurt before, and her facial expression let me know that she could see right through me. But there was a spark in them too, and at that moment I knew that my fairy-tale princess theory was a little off. She was definitely rebellious. And that honestly scared me a little.She then proceeded to stare at me. I cocked an eyebrow. She giggled. Something about her laugh made me feel like I was hearing laughter for the very first time. "Sorry." she said between laughs, as I felt her confidence wall come down; "I guess I was starring too.""Like what you see?" I said, quoting her. She smirked. "We're even." She said, as her confidence wall went back up. I frowned slightly. She adjusted her posture and stood up straight. She was probably about 5'7 or 8. But her eyes got me distracted, I looked into her eyes for the first time and suddenly a scene flashed before my eyes, before I even knew it was happening


She ran to me, like sappy romance movie, you're the one, in a flower field, ran to me. She was crying as I held her close. She looked up to me and spoke words that made my spine shiver. "I love you, Sammy."


My eyes regained focus as the flash ended. She smiled and walked away from me. "Wait." I called after her. She stopped as I caught up to her. "Will I ever see you again?" I asked bleekly. "Maybe." she said in reply, shyly. She turned to leave but I touched her shoulder. "Can I at least know your name?" I asked. She smiled, but in a confident way. "Lark." She said, blunt. She walked off again and I yelled down the hall; "I'm Sam!" And as I said that she turned to me and started walking backwards as she screamed; "Nice to meet you Sammy!" Then I smiled. A smile I didn't even knew I had. God, what the hell just happened.


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