I am Kira. I am 1.


3. Chapter Two



1... 1... 1... 1...

A voice. I could hear a voice. Louder. Ever louder. Calling out to me.

1... No. Not 1. Something else.

A name.

My name.




A voice. There was a loud voice, shouting, calling out at me.


Who is it?

"Kira." Louder. "Kira." Louder. "Kira."


I shuddered as my eyes flicked open. Dazzling bright light met me. Too bright. I rammed them shut again and carefully opened peeled them open. But I couldn’t see, not properly… nothing. Nothing made any sense. It was a though I had been plunged into an ice bucket as almighty panic filled me up.


Who is that? Who's voice?

It was my voice. MAG. I was the one saying it.

I could see her. Things started to adjust around me.

"Kira." I heard her speak again. "Wake up Kira."

I forced my eyes open more and reached out. Mag.

"It's okay. I'm here."

I felt my eyes stinging. My throat was sore. I reached out again as though trying to get a hold of something which would make me sure of things. Someone grabbed my hand. At first, I panicked, tried to pull my hand away but couldn't. They held on tight. "Kira. It's okay. It's Mag."

Mag... Maggie... Mag? What is happening?

"Calm down, Kira."

My breaths were sharp in my throat and I was feeling dizzy, sick. I was trapped inside myself, behind walls of confusion, everything and anything was fuzzy in my head, in my eyes. It was all too much, I couldn't comprehend it, my brain was sure to burst.


"Stop it!"

Twang! Pain stabbed through my cheek. I had been hit, a hand hit me. Mag.

"Stop, Kira, stop this!" Her voice, her calming voice. But she's angry; and scared. Fear too. I could hear it. Fear.

Mag. I tried to calm her down as I tried to calm myself down to. Trying to be calm wasn't easy.

"Just breathe, Kira. Calm down."

I coughed as my throat seared with pain. I clung onto her hand. Everything was spinning. I couldn't see. I held onto her hand desperately as I tried to shift the blackness. In my head was a whirlwind of confused mess. All the noise. Dizziness. Confusion. Panic.

I didn't understand.

Mag. What is happening?

I couldn't hear her answering. All there was, was noise. Sounding up from the back of my brain, through my ears, filling my head up. I was almost blinded and deafened by it. Darkness and noise. Noise. One noise. 1... 1...

1... Me. 1... Again and again.

1... 1... 1... 1...

NO. Not again. Must fight.

"KIRA. Stop it. Stop! Now!"

I'm trying.

1... 1... 1... 1... No.

Kira... Kira... Kira.

1... 1... 1...1...

I am Kira. Me.

1... 1... 1...


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