I am Kira. I am 1.


8. Chapter Seven



I was running, through thick dense forest, dark forest. It was loud with voices, shouting but I could not hear what the voices said. I just ran. Sweat poured down my face as my feet thumped rhythmically onto the forest floor. I was scared, I had so much fear running through my veins like adrenalin as I thundered along. I didn't know what I was running from, or why I was so scared but I still ran, ran like I had no choice but to do that.

Flashing white lights blinded me, making me stumble as I ran blindly on, my breathing loud in my own ears. Everything around me was echoing. The voices, the noise, everything, swirling, spinning and then...

I woke up screaming. I couldn't stop it. I screamed and screamed. But I wasn't the only one, someone else was screaming to. Asha. I shot my head round to look at her as we both stopped screaming, looking at each other, panic spread across both our faces. There was running footsteps and the door banged open, lights blinked on. I jumped as Doctor Stevens came into focus, rushing to my side.

I drew the sheets up close to me, my heart still thumping along as though I really had been running through that forest.

"What happened, Kira?" Doctor Stevens asked.

I couldn't speak, all breathe gone as I sat there shaking violently. Doctor Stevens came closer, looking stern. "Why were you screaming, Kira?"

I tried to speak, faint murmurs coming out first. Finally, I managed to choke out, "I had a nightmare."

Doctor Steven's expression changed, he looked bored. "Ok, well get back to sleep, I'm sure you'll be fine, Kira. Nightmares are not real." And then he left again, leaving Asha and I to sit there breathing heavily in the darkness of the night.

"Asha," I called gently over to her, "are you alright?"

She hastily nodded although I could see from the little moonlight that she was sweating and her face was a picture of fear. I took in a deep breath. "Did you have a nightmare to?" I asked her but somehow, I already felt that she had.

She nodded slowly. "About a forest," she stuttered.

I met her eyes. I think we had the same nightmare. I paused for a while before telling her, "me to."

Her eyes went a little wider. "Really?"

I nodded and she suddenly looked confused.

"Kira..." she started. I focused my attention on her, tilted my head to the side. "You don't think somehow, what's happening to us both, is linked, because of the same thing?"

I didn't have to think much about the answer. I replied, "yes," almost straight away. After all we both were experiencing similar things. "Thing is I don't know why."

She shook her head at me, "me either." She sighed as she laid back down again. I laid back down to and the room fell to silence. I thought maybe we would just go back to sleep again (I was too scared to) but suddenly Asha spoke again. "Don't tell the Doctors Kira, whatever you do, don't tell them what is happening. If we do, they'll think we are out of our minds. We'll be sent somewhere... somewhere that I don't want to go."

I glanced over to her. She was staring at me through the darkness, her face so serious. "They'll send us to an asylum. They will."

My eyes went wide but not from surprise, it was just from the feeling that I got inside of me. Of course, they would, I had been thinking it for a while. That's why I told nobody, about the 1's, about anything in my head. That's why I kept saying I was fine. Because I knew that if I told them the truth that maybe they wouldn't believe me, would think there was something very wrong with me. That I was mental. I didn't want them to think that. I didn't want them to send me away.

I wouldn't let them. So, like Asha said, we couldn't tell them. We couldn’t tell them anything.

"Kira," Asha spoke again. I broke from my train of thought. "We've got to keep it a secret. We're in this together."

"I know," I replied, my voice trying to be strong, to be brave. "I won't tell them anything, as long as you promise the same."

"I promise," she replied quickly.

"I promise," I echoed.

We fell silent again and I sunk back into my pillows. I didn't know how I was going to get back to sleep. I felt too scared and nervous but most of all my head was filled up with so many thoughts of what could be wrong with me, what could happen to us, that it was not allowing me to feel tired. 

I lay there, staring at the white illuminated ceiling by the moon thinking to myself about it. What did it all mean? The 1's, how I couldn't access my memories, the nightmare. I knew they were all linked together but why was it happening? Why was it happening to not only me but Asha to? What had we done to deserve this?

These questions ran around my head, chased by flashbacks from the forest and voices and the number. That number, the number 1, which was continually haunting me. Why was 1 so important? Why had it attached itself to me?

As I lulled off to sleep, I couldn't help it but whisper to myself out loud, "why 1?" as though someone out there would answer me. Of course, no one did, all through the night, as I slept, no one answered me.

The first voice I heard in the morning snapped, "Kira," and I wondered whether this was going to be the person with answers to my questions. I already knew it wasn't. I opened my eyes to see Asha standing by my bed looking frightened. I rubbed my eyes, sitting up some more.

"What is it?" I asked, sensing how fearful she was.

She seemed unable to speak. She held out her shaking right wrist to me. I stared down at it in shock as there on her skin was the faintly printed number - 313. I gulped in air, panicking as I pulled my own wrist up to see to my horror what was there. I gasped as Asha let out a fearful breath. There on my skin lay the number 1.


What did these numbers mean?

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