Pretty and Wise

Annabeth can't hide feelings for a certain person anymore so she acts on them.


1. I love you

Annabeth's POV

"Hey Leo have you seen Piper anywhere I need to talk to her" I said as I jogged over to where the tinkering boy was messing with random stuff "no sorry ask Hazel" he said glancing at me "thanks Leo" I said going looking for Hazel I found her in the stables "have you seen Piper" I asked "nope try asking Frank" she said pointing towards the sword arena "kay thanks" I replied heading there I walked into the arena "have you seen Piper" I asked "no sorry try asking Reyna" he said pausing to look at me "thanks" I said getting annoyed I went searching for Reyna I found her down by the lake kissing Octavian "have either of you seen Piper" I asked "no we haven't sorry Annabeth" they said "it's fine" I said picking up a pebble and tossing it into the lake hard it splashed into the middle "HEY WATCH OUT" one of the naiads shouted loudly "sorry" I called back "you could try asking Percy" Reyna suggested "thanks also congratulations" I said smiling I went to Poseidon cabin "hey Perc have you seen Piper anywhere" I asked "no I heard that you've asked most of our friends where she is already" he said laughing I punched his arm "shut up seaweed brain" I snapped losing patience "ow that hurt wise girl" he whined rubbing his arm "want me to kiss it better" I said sarcasm dripping from my voice "yes please" he said playfully "no thanks bye" I said turning around to walk out "wait why don't you try asking Jason she is his ex" he said "thank you" I said giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek "bye Anna" he said opening the door I walked out and went looking for Jason finally finding him in the dining pavilion I seen Piper sitting next to him she was laughing my mind switched off I walked forward I could hear someone calling me I got up to Piper "hey" she said I grabbed her hand I pulled her up and into me "what Anna-" I pressed my lips to hers she immediately responded with heated passion wrapping her arms around my neck I broke the kiss and leaned my forehead against hers both of us breathing heavily "GET A ROOM" we heard Clarisse yell across the pavilion "SHUT UP CLARISSE" Nico yelled back suddenly appearing out of the shadows I laughed and placed my hands on Piper's hips "should we give her another show Pipes" I asked smirking at the heated blush that appeared on her cheeks her eyes went to a dark brown she nodded and leaned forward kissing me again I parted my lips to allow access I pulled away a few seconds later panting a little "you are one hell of a kisser Ann" she said to me I leaned down and gave her one more chaste kiss before grabbing her hand "come on Chiron gave me early permission to go home and I can take one person with me" I said walking away from it all with Piper behind me. We packed our things and met my dad by the front of camp "do you want to come to back to my house or yours Annabeth" he asked smiling and placing out bags in the boot of his car "my place please dad" I replied "okay honey oh and the twins say hello" he said smiling I could see Piper in the corner of my eye I glanced over and she tilted her head and gave me a curious glance "I got myself an apartment a couple of months ago and my dad was asking if I wanted to stay there or with him and my stepmom" I mumbled quietly in her ear while wrapping my arms around her waist "Annabeth what are you doing" she said worried but leaning her head back on my shoulder anyway "nothing but I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend officially please" I asked setting my chin on her shoulder "yes" she said simply tipping her head back for a small kiss "um girls we should go now" my dad said Piper moaned something into the kiss I moved my hands down to her hips and squeezed a little "Annnnn" she groaned but she pulled away much to her dislike she got in the back seat after I did and then dad got in the front and we were off I closed my eyes and fell asleep "Anna we're here" Piper said as I groggily came to "hey" I said "come on let's go inside and sleep your father's already taken our things in" she said "kay" I murmured softly we got inside I glanced to Piper "sleep wherever you want for now but do not go in the room with the closed door please" I said taking off my jacket "okay closed door is a no go got it" she said "oh and try to keep quiet" I added before going and collapsing on my king size bed.

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