Falling In Love is the Most Beautiful and Ugly Thing

*A random story idea*

Over the course of six months, Gianna has watched her friends one by one suffer broken hearts and empty boxes of tissues scattered around the place. She has never felt any love towards another guy until the moment a writing scholarship opportunity arises. For her piece, Gianna can pick any topic to write about. Her written words could change the way others think and feel about love forever.


1. Authors Note

Dear Readers!

~~Falling In Love is the Most Beautiful and Ugly Thing.

The way I see love is like an hourglass, when the sand runs out, the love dies. Constantly, the hourglass lingers in the background of a relationship. Doing the wrong thing will cause it to smash. When someone falls in love, the rush of emotions that you feel and want to share can take over your body and your life. Your first love you believe is going to last forever but in the majority of cases, it doesn’t.

I would like to introduce this random story idea out to the world, its about a young girl called Gianna who keeps witnessing her friends suffering bad break-ups and she has always been single. A writing scholarship opportunity enables her to choose any topic to write about and during the process, she starts to feel the first effects of a Romance for herself.

I hope you enjoy reading this, let me know your thoughts and promote this to your followers! :)

Alice x

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