Her truth

It is about a girl, who, out of boredom, creates lies about people and makes everyone believe her, it is all okay, until, she ends up believing them herself...


1. Her truth

Dear Diary.

Today I am going to tell you a story, about a friend, but I cannot promise it will be truthful, to what really happened.


The lover:


A girl, simple girl, moved to a new town, a small town, where she knew no one and no one knew her.

She moved in to a normal house on a normal street, with neighbors next door and across the street. She was to start at a new school and make new friends, she had to start over, make friends, just like she did the last time she and her family moved and the time before.

After a few days, the girl had met a group of girls, a group of friends, whom she could talk to and laugh with.

One day, she visited one of those girls, it was the first time to two of them were alone together and it was that day, the girl, the lover, were to get her name.

The two girls talked sweet nothings for hours, they laughed they smiled, the lover knew then what she was feeling, what she wished to do, but she did not do it.

They talked and talk and the lover moved ever so slowly closer to the girl, the girl who, knowingly was luring her to do so.

They slowly lowered their voices, as the lover got closer and then.

Lips, were kissed, skin was touched and eyes met as they pooled away, the lover gave the girl a smile and went home, smiling the whole way there, only to find the next day, it was like only she was there, like it was all in her head…


Can you guess who it is or if it is even true?..



Dear Diary.

Everyone believed my story, oh and if you thought so to, you were wrong, at least partly, but I will not tell which parts are real, and which ones are lies…



Dear Diary.

I have told more tales, no one even doubt me when I do, to tell you the truth, most of them are properly more true then I even know…



Dear Diary.

Every lie I have told, is no lie, it is all true, how could it not be, if everyone thinks so?..



Dear Diary.

I killed someone… Someone was stalking me, trying to kill me, I had to do it, they would not have stopped…



Dear Diary.

The police believed me, they know it was self-defense and they told me it is going to be okay and the person cannot hurt me anymore…



Dear Diary.

I think someone is trying to kill me. I told people at school that I had a stalker, because I heard a noise last night and everyone told me that they think they know who it is…



Dear Diary.

My friend murdered someone, in my house, in my room and she is trying to blame me! I do not know why, it was her, I know it was…


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